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WEF Founder Klaus Schwab: "Transition of Humankind" Into the "Intelligent Era" Has Begun

"Now we are speaking not just about the fourth industrial revolution, we are speaking about the transition of humankind into a new era which is not just characterized by technological change."

"I had a long discussion with ChatGPT, with my bot, if I may say so, to see how this new era will look like. And finally, I had about 20 pages of text, and I asked ChatGPT, summarize the text, and tell me now, based on our discussion, how will the new era, the intelligent era, look like? And I read you the text."

"[...] This vision unfolds within a society where artificial intelligence, robotics, the internet of the things, 3D printing, genetic engineering, quantum computing, become the foundations of our daily life."

— Klaus Schwab, World Governments Summit 2024
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