File 66 coming soon.

It will be the most important File I have compiled in months, maybe since the beginning.
The enormity of what we are part of is mind numbing.
We are creating some of the most important and far reaching history that humanity will ever forge.

In the background, the Alliance is incinerating the KM-DeepState:
- Defections and disappearances have destroyed the Rockefeller/Rothschild ability to intimidate. Other [DS] families are using the opportunity to surrender/assist operations.
- IDF SpecOps coordinating w/ Turkey, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia to avoid the “annihilation” of innocent Israelis as Middle East war expands.
- Ukrainian Patriots, along w/ Russian and Belarusian Mil, are preparing a military coup against Zelenskyy.
- SKY EVENT: Decoded and identified, for File 66.

And more.

I hope you’re ready Patriots.
From here to the finish line, it’s going to be Biblical.

“We take this journey together.
One step at a time.

👉 RealSGAnon
Elvis Pterosaur Unveils Sky and Sea Mastery of Dinosaur Era