HOW may Dem &Rino CHEATING have been performed year after year…
What if?
Ballots from elections ARE CLONED each year, & REUSED for the next election?

Sound Crazy? There are DIFFERENT offices names and dates printed on the ballots for each Election, you say!

The printed names voters see are NOT what the computers read & count.

COMPUTERS ONLY READ a filled in DOT, or a punched out HOLE.

All CHEATERS have to do is CLONE the ballots year after year and make sure the “preferred” candidate is next to where the SAME DOT was filled in the Previous election. Then, BOTH years ballots (mother and daughter clones) are ran through the machine to get double the count for the candidate they want.

Election officials are REQUIRED by law to hold ballots for 22 months from the previous election.

If ever CAUGHT running thru the last election ballots?They have plausible deniability… OOPSIE! We got ballots from the wrong box!

Just an accident!

Still dubious?
Read Q. [clones]

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