We are truly living through the greatest historical moment in all of human history.

Today, we bare witness to the fall of the largest empire the world has ever known, or should I say not known.

Hundreds of years of their work from the shadows are now being dismantled and brought out into the light for the world to understand.

This cabal of people that have infiltrated all nations of the planet, (mainly western ones) deemed themselves untouchable, that they are the inheritors of this planet and shall rule it long into the future but what they failed to account for was an alliance coming together with a plan that could not be undone. A plan so vast that it makes their decades of infiltration and work look like child's play.

We don't know the inner workings of this plan, but we know enough to understand how insanely complex it is and how many years it must have taken to slowly implement this across nations of the world. Building alliances under the cover of playing their puppets. This has likely been occurring for many years, and we are now beginning to see the players make their final moves on the chess board.

There is a reason that Trump was so special and had to be the main part of the plan, someone needed to take control of key elements of the American machine and go out there making deals, the very deals we all know of, the jet setting adventures he did across the world to places like The Forbidden City in China, meeting with Putin and the mysterious chipped football, and not to forget the 3 times he came to Great Britian. This is only a small proportion of the places he went, but you get the idea.

Trump put in place everything he needed to do so that all of this could take place while he was out of office.

"It's all about the break."

OPTICS ARE VERY IMPORTANT and in this case Trump must now take a backseat for the most part and let these things play out, knowing the Executive orders, what we believe to be devolution and the backchannels he put in place take shape.

Putin is now left to do the 'bad optics' section of the plan, the one that Trump could never do, which is to go into Ukraine militarily.

"The only way is military" really starts to make a lot of sense now, doesn't it?

Someone has to take the arrows for this stage of the plan and who better to take on this operation than Putin himself. UKRAINE is RUSSIAS problem and it always should have been, there should never of been any western involvement in the country but alas decades of infiltration and corrupt practices have turned into a very dangerous issue and one that only Russia was able to sort out.

Now, what happens?

Well, as all main Western governments and media are 100% invested in their war propaganda against Russia, logic dictates that Russia is going to retaliate, but not in the way you might think....

I believe Russia is going to lay it all out in front of the world, the nazi ideology, the Clinton Foundation, bidens ties to Ukraine and the British governments funding of these para military groups and the corruption they themselves have created along with the EU and other parties. Oh, and let's not forget the biolabs in Ukraine that Russia is openly spilling out to the world already.

We are living through times that have never came before, unprecedented and unrivalled in their scope.

The world is going to learn the truth, and this time, it looks like it's going to be the hard way.

There is no hiding from what is coming for those who have stayed blind or facilitated these lies.

The Great Awakening is truly upon us, and all will fall under its banner eventually!

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