Ariel Continue:

Monitors: These Monoliths serve as advanced observation devices. They can analyze the energetic vibrations of Earth and its inhabitants, monitoring the planet's collective consciousness and evolutionary progress.

Receptors: Receptors on the Monoliths are designed to receive and decode cosmic signals and frequencies. These signals come from the offworld entities, a benevolent offworld organization dedicated to helping emerging civilizations evolve.

Activators: The Monoliths possess the ability to emit a specific frequency and vibration, generated from the cosmic signals received. These frequencies are designed to resonate with the dormant aspects of human DNA, activating latent potentials.

Connectors: The Monoliths establish an energetic connection between themselves and human beings who come into close proximity. This connection facilitates the transmission of information, wisdom, and higher knowledge to those individuals, awakening their consciousness.

Reflectors: The Monoliths serve as reflective surfaces that project holographic images and symbols into the minds of humans. These holograms contain encoded information about the evolution of consciousness, DNA activation, and the transition to the 5th dimension.

1. Frequency Emission: The Monoliths emit a specific frequency that resonates with the dormant strands of human DNA. This resonance begins to activate these dormant strands, allowing individuals to access higher states of awareness.

2. DNA Strand Activation: As individuals come into contact with the Monoliths and the emitted frequencies, their DNA begins to evolve. This activation gradually awakens additional DNA strands, unlocking hidden potentials for telepathy, telekinesis, and expanded consciousness.

3. Dimensional Transition: The heightened awareness and activated DNA strands prepare individuals for a transition to the 5th dimension. In this dimension, they exist as crystalline beings of light, free from the limitations of the 3rd-dimensional world.

4. Collective Enlightenment: As more and more individuals experience this awakening, a global shift in consciousness occurs. Humanity begins to operate from a place of unity, compassion, and higher understanding, leading to a harmonious and evolved civilization.

The one in Utah was removed. There are more than 5 of these. Places all over the planet for the appropriate time.

These monolith are connected to the "Pillars of Light". Some attribute the Northern US Sky where these pillars can be seen. They will influence the Monoliths.

The Light Pillars come with codes. Key activation frequency.

This is just a ground floor depiction to give you an idea.

These will play a role in the Monoliths. Remember humans are considered pillars.

Now you can connect yourself to both phenomenon for good reason.

The 13 Crystal Skulls:










Ursa Major & Minor (Bear)

Sirius with the 13th – Cosmic Collective Consciousness.

These will be explained at some point. It's all connected.

The 13 Skulls represents "The Star Nations.

These will be connecting with the 12 Central Suns and the 12 Master Pyramids.

Everything is in place for this process to go as smoothly as possible. Turbulence is expected. But this will be reduced over time.

For all the people claiming an artist traveled the world with a Monolith I'm his luggage who happened to pass customs with no problem.

What about the one in Romania?

What about the one in Netherlands?

What about the one in Dutch Nature Reserve?


The real monoliths are rectangular.

These appear in times of great change.

No different from the Spheres of Costas Rica. We are in the midst of cosmic changes.

This is why the news can not explain how some appeared in remote areas out of human manipulation.
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