ISO-20022: Anti Money Laundering System

Do you want to know why politicians were caught money laundering in Ukraine that were US congressmen?

Do you want to know why they are calling a cease fire in Gaza?

Do you want to know why Israel now wants to consider peace talks?

The ISO 20022 system can be used to notify authorities of frozen assets. The system includes a field called "Sanctioned Entity Identifier" (SEI) that can be used to identify individuals or entities that are subject to sanctions.

When a payment message is sent, the SEI field is included in the message. If the SEI field matches an entry on a sanctions list, the payment message is flagged and may be blocked or frozen.

This is the real reason they stopped sending money to Ukraine. I told you all you are watching a live "Sting Operation". I keep showing you evidence time and time again.

In addition to the SEI field, the ISO 20022 system also includes a number of other fields that can be used to identify sanctioned entities and assets. These fields include the beneficiary name, account number, and address. By using these fields, screening systems can identify and block payments that are being made to or from sanctioned entities.

Remember, X' was supposed to implement a social ISO into this platform for celebrities who were under sanctions for human trafficking bit they removed it. This is why they were complaining about paying for the Blue Check. You were not going to be verified unless you could prove you were not under any sanctions.
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