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# iOS 14.3 will suggest third-party apps to users during the iPhone or iPad setup process - 9to5Mac

With iOS 14.3 , which is now available as a beta release for developers, Apple will suggest third-party apps to users during the setup process of a new iPhone or iPad.
While we haven't seen this new feature in action yet, 9to5Mac was able to find clear evidence in the iOS
After that, Android devices sold there now suggest other web browsers for new users.
14.3 beta code that reveals a new menu in the system setup process that will show suggestions for App Store apps even before the user starts using the device.

## macOS Big Sur launch appears to cause temporary slowdown in even non-Big Sur Macs

The "OCSP" part of the hostname refers to Online Certificate Status Protocol stapling , or just "certificate stapling.
Apple had previously announced that Big Sur would launch today, and the problems began almost precisely in time with the rollout.
The situation lasted for several minutes, and while some temporary workarounds circulated on forums, chat rooms, and Twitter, the problem behavior eventually cleared as Apple presumably resolved the underlying issue.
When an Apple device can't connect to the network but you want to launch an app anyway, the notarization validation is supposed to "soft fail" that is, your Apple device is supposed to recognize you're not online and allow the app to launch anyway.
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