David Wolfe Health & Rejuvenation Conference March 24-26th 2023

After 5 years, my groundbreaking Health & Rejuvenation Conferences are back!
March 24-26, 2023.
This time, we are based out of Houston, Texas area. Texas has finally achieved its position as the location of groundbreaking health innovation, medical freedom activism, health discoveries, health products and health conferences—all the energy has moved to Texas!

And you can Join Us there! Our Conferences have been ideal places to meet new friends of like mind. The first step of our journey out of the Dark Ages is The Great Reveal (seeing all the evil and evil-doers). The second step is joining together with like-minded friends and family in new communities in order to create new systems of health, life and happiness.

All are Welcome! All Ages and Families are Invited. We will cover a vast array of subjects at our New Health & Rejuvenation Conference.

Conference Topics Include:
Crisis = Opportunity
Thriving during an Apocalypse
Immune System Nutrition: Medicinal Mushrooms, Superherbs: Mega Immunity and creating a Host Defense
Nourishing Jing energy (Longevity and Endurance)
Rudolf Steiner, Charles Fort, Book of Revelation and the Navigational Philosophies of our Times
Finding Medicine in Nature and Forests
Tea-Making, Alcohol Extracts, Concentration Strategies
Organic & Biodynamic Living Farming
Charcoal, Activated Charcoal and SuperCharcoals for Clean Living
Detoxification, Parasites and Mega Immunity
Cleansing and Detox in a Toxic World
Detox Protocol for people who have been injected with dangerous untested products
Organic and Healthy Foods Lifestyle
Weight Loss via Diet, Detox and Exercise
More Energy (Your Astounding Energy Reserves)
Diet, Superfoods, Superherbs
Peak Performance
The Power of Intention
Get More Done in Less Time (Minimum Optimum)
Activate Genius
Stem Cells
Today is The Best Day Ever!

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