Kohlbitr Charcoal

Yes. Charcoal adsorbs toxins of every description including: glyphosate, recreational drugs, alcohol, etc. Activated charcoal will sober you up faster than anything else I know of. In a toxic world, Kohlbitr activated charcoal is gold. Start with 500mg each morning with water. #1 for longevity in mammals.

How to Use Kohlbitr Charcoal

Start by making this super-detoxifier part of your regular diet and lifestyle. Begin with one capsule a day with water (either first thing in the morning or last thing at night). Increase the dosage as necessary. Kohlbitr is always useful for acute food poisoning or an upset stomach, yet its primary role is to assist your body in filtering out toxins—something we could all use more of in our toxic world. Please keep some Kohlbitr capsules with you at all times.
108 cap size: http://bit.ly/BestCharcoalEver
1111 cap size: https://bit.ly/BestCharcoalEver-1111

Premium Grade Charcoal
Fully Quality Tested
Manufactured in the USA
100% Compostable Labels (very unique)
Bio-Degradable Packaging

Activated (Charcoal)
No Glycerin
No Maltodextrin
No Citric Acid used to Process
No Magnesium Stearate
No Hidden Ingredients

Allergen Free

108 Capsules Image: hyperlinked to https://shop.davidwolfe.com/products/activated-charcoal

1111 Capsules Image hyperlinked to https://shop.davidwolfe.com/products/activated-charcoal-kohlbitr-1111-capsules