I’ve been taking part in the discussion in the comments and answering questions. Here are some of the responses:

On Apple-Google censorship https://teleg.eu/s/durovschat/518801

On making server-side code open https://teleg.eu/s/durovschat/515221

On a privacy-conscious ad platform https://teleg.eu/s/durovschat/527441

On US-based encrypted apps https://teleg.eu/s/durovschat/519187

On encryption vs. usability when using Secret Chats vs Cloud Chats https://teleg.eu/s/durovschat/527081

On maximising security of communication https://teleg.eu/s/durovschat/527134

On storing hashed phone numbers https://teleg.eu/s/durovschat/551030

On how Telegram stores data https://teleg.eu/s/durovschat/544164
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