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Mr Centimetre
Read what he said in myth 3, it seems to be uncertain. It says "Every chat on has been encrypted since launch." but then he says "We have Secret Chats that are end-to-end and Cloud Chats that also offer real-time secure and distributed cloud storage"…
That's the point.'s real-time secure cloud is a feature the majority of our users want and is one of the competitive advantages of - it allows for seamless multi-device sync with access to past chat history, huge group chats and channels, persistent message history, sending large documents and videos, instant media forwarding without reupload, minimizing storage usage on your phone, never losing your messages even if you lose your phone - and many other great features which decrease bandwidth, battery and storage usage.

The minority which doesn't want any of that and wants to maximize security at the expense of usability is welcome to use Secret Chats on - or install any of the apps that only have Secret Chats and nothing on top. But we are not going to cripple by throwing away dozens of its great features because some folks are misled by marketing tricks from our competitors or are too lazy to start Secret Chats when they think they need them.

I covered this in detail in 2017
Flote Devica