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The forex robt is an independent machine that is using sophisticated techniques to analyze the market data and take its own decisions.
What will be the difference in the achieved results from 1 month , 6 months and 12 months.
Thats why often when we have a open position in the forex market the robot may skip any other open signals.

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It will describe the advangtages for using expert advisors , and speciialy building a portfolio of forex trading robots .
So knowning the methodology to develop new will help a lot in the forex results.
The event will focus on preparing the individuals to enter the forex market safely.


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When the rules are so clear - they can be programed and trading robots can be used.
During the years i have found the benefits of using strict trading strategies with clear rules over the trading just some specific situations.
I have more than 20 years professional experience in trading forex , stocks and comodities.

Ali Aliev

There is no faster way to monetarize the work than using it in trading markets.


When a market becomes predictable it will stop exist or become unpredictable.
The reason for that is that there is no way for everybody to start using the financial markets as a job.

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So this means that forex trading robots must be used.
Our brain is always going to loose the battle in predicting the market.
Even if the forex market was a predictable market , then predicting it will affect it and it will again become unpredictable.

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