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then you need to understand that choosing too big number of robots can have negative effect.
Choosing top 5 forex trading robots will bring much higher profit, but it is impossible to know in advance if some from this 5 will fail.
When you choose such porftolio for exemple - ​ forex robots ​

Edi Geleq

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I have more than 20 years professional experience in trading forex , stocks and comodities.
When the rules are so clear - they can be programed and trading robots can be used.
During the years i have found the benefits of using strict trading strategies with clear rules over the trading just some specific situations.



There is a certain way to find the best forex trading robots , but you need to walk the entire path to find it.
You need to proove to yourself that manual trading leads to failure and you need matematically proven  PMO.

Ali Aliev Aliev | Angel Investor | Wefunder

Ali Aliev Aliev | Angel Investor | I have a lot of experience in research and developing robots that can trade independently on the forex market.

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It is not just enough to have good skills , but you need to have also the ability to analyze the market conditions and read when an expert advisor is about to fail.
There are signs which are clearly visible in the trading robot performance , and the equity which it is achieving.


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