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SEP 23 - Russian Referendum begins
Elton John South Lawn - End Of The Yellow Brick Road - Wuhan/Silk Road/Opium/OrganHarvesting/Big Pharma efc. Music is about to stop. Think unplugging chords at a concert.
Planet disabling.

SEP 24 - 9/11 Julian Calendar

SEP 25 VK Chart - 1st Dark [~]
Italian Election New Moon
11.3 King Charles indictment/arrest/death
Operation Menai Bridge
Armenia Lake Sevan #1
2 Northern Dams ChongQing, 3GD, Tiananmen Sq, Wuhan Big Pharma

SEP 26 Election + 1 = 11.4 ^
Massive Precision Cyber on Stock Markets.
End of Schmita
7 Trumpets?
Storm Tweet.

11.6 Prince Andrew
William dissolves the UK Royals
Knights of Malta done.

[~] off all power to the planet. USSF.
Then Project Bluebeam & St Elmo's Fire.
34 Global Targets - Q500
Rods Of God - Earthquake Technology Tesla. Ancient archaeological discoveries.

SEP 28 Sign states on to Republic
SEP 29 Final Dark [~]
SEP 30 - Pope wants everything back to the Empty Vatican.
Fake WW3 Nuke Event
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