Forwarded from Joel Davis
Interesting new findings!

50% of Republicans would support a candidate who proposed an immigration program explicitly designed to maintain America’s White majority.

68.5% of all respondents and 69.7% of Republicans said they had not heard of the related White Genocide theory (also coined in 2011) until they had taken our poll. And even though nearly 60% of Republicans had not heard of the Great Replacement before our poll, 50% agreed that it is happening, and another 20% claimed whites were being replaced, albeit unintentionally.

Even though the Great Replacement theory has become mainstreamed, very few people have heard about it directly from white identitarian sources. According to our poll, only 4.3% of those aged 18–29 and only 3.3% of those aged 30–44 learned about the Great Replacement directly from Alt-Right platforms. Far more important sources are:

- Alternative media
- X/Twitter
- Forums and gaming servers

From this, we can draw several conclusions:

Alternative news sources which are sometimes condemned as “gate keepers” are functioning more like “bridge builders,” whether they intend to or not.
Identitarians who adopt a strategy of antagonizing people closer to the mainstream are self-defeating and self-ghettoizing.

If you want to influence the mainstream, get back on Twitter. If your particular message is banned, try reformulating it. If your particular brand is banned, consider changing it. If your name is blacklisted, create a pen name.

The take away here is that dissidents interacting with more mainstream figures and platforms which have larger audiences is not “clout chasing” or “compromise” but rather a highly effective tool of spreading our ideas.
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