Neema "Academic Agent" Parvini, a half-Iranian former academic, has spent a year trying to blacklist and badjacket me because I publicly disagreed with his political analysis. Apparently he is even threatening other nationalists with blacklisting from his "network" if they even talk to me.

He was totally on board with #BanTheADL until he was told of my role, at which point he pivoted and declared it further proof of me being controlled opposition. He is even using me not "maximising revenue" from my audience as proof of me being suspect, which is more an insight into his motives and thought process than mine.

Regardless of what you think of me personally, his repeated turn to badjacketing numerous public facing nationalist activists over disagreements is beyond the pale, and he is doing this to other nationalist figures for similarly petty reasons.

Parvini, who is a vocal opponent of nationalism and has a history of making anti-white statements, is now also promoting the acceptance of a "trans woman" in our circles, who also organises his conferences, even asking right wingers to use his preferred pronouns.

This guy traded his university job for making a living off nationalists, but he offers them nothing but nihilism, paranoia and calls for inaction. I don't like being dragged down to his level, and I won't be badjacketing him or engaging in the petty attempts at blacklisting he does, but this has to be called out.
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