President Trump isn't worried about getting prosecuted by Joe Biden's corrupt FBI.

How do we know?
He isn't hiding.
Instead, he's holding another rally tonight to make fun of how stupid they are.

What do you think President Trump left in the Mar-a-Lago safe for the FBI to find? (& ignore)

Hunter Biden's Laptop From Hell contents in visually easily digestible form?

Hillary Clinton's deleted emails printed out in easily digestible form?

Undeniable evidence the 2020 Election was stolen, showing Joe Biden is an illegitimate president?

Still images from Anthony Weiner's Insurance Policy video?

I REALLY wanted to do a, "Friday Night Movie" with a veryEducational Documentary 🧲 on here tonight for everyone since Hollywood is dead, but President Trump's rally takes precedence.

RSBN's pre-rally party link :

ϕ 🧲

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