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After seeing all this testimony, I finally have decided to share some of my own.
When I was a young boy back in 1983, I was in a motorcycle accident and shattered my Humorous, among other injuries. My nerves were completely severed and my right arm, hand and fingers rendered motionless. The doctor told my parents that I would require ongoing surgeries and treatment if I ever hoped to regain use of the limb. My uncle Jerry came over on Christmas Eve and prayed over me and rubbed my arm and asked for God’s miraculous healing. I always thought my uncle was a little crazy based on things I had heard my parents say about him in the past so I was kind of like “whatever uncle”. He had always told us he was a disciple of Christ and had a close relationship with Him. We all just figured he was a crazy hippie and never really gave it much credit. Well on New Years morning I woke up and my fingers flinched ever so slightly for the first time since before the accident and I went on to a complete recovery without ever having another surgery. Even after witnessing His greatness, I still went on to deny Christ later on in life as I was lost and trying to walk my own path. Over the course of my life, I’ve had countless people talk to me about Jesus Christ and I eventually answered the knock on my heart. God has blessed me and my family and it all goes to show that He is truly with us, even at our worst.
Just last week I was walking through DIA and we were talking. I told him I was tired of living for others and wanted to live a life that honored Him more than what I was currently doing. I prayed that when He spoke to me that I would not only hear it but listen and asked for a sign. Well I got to my gate and sat down and put my bag down in the chair next to me so no one would sit down next to me. Two minutes later a man in a mask walks up and I’m thinking there’s no way he’s going to ask to sit down. Well, he did and I said “of course”, and we struck up a conversation and I asked why he was going to Albuquerque. He told me he was an ordained minister who preaches the word of God and I was blown away. After we talked, he got up and walked to the boarding person and no sooner than that happened, a Catholic priest comes up and stands right next to me. I was so floored, I was instantly emotional and we talked for a few minutes before we boarded the plane. I looked up and said “thank you Lord Jesus”. I’ve never felt closer to God and I think it just goes to show that He’s always there listening to our prayers and that He loves us without condition. I could go on and on with testimony but felt compelled to share some with you all. Thank you and all glory to God!
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