Listener Testimony

Several months ago (I apologize for not reporting sooner), you replied to my email request and prayed for my brother Roger, who was diagnosed last January with a glioblastoma in the front right of his brain. Docs told him 8% chance of survival – and that for only 5 years at the most. They told him he would never be cancer-free. Glios are pretty much a death sentence with most dying within the first year of two. Well, Roger is cancer free. Only dead cancer cells when they opened his brain again to remove some “suspicious tissue” in the area of the glio. Dead. Cancer. Cells. Nothing more. He is cancer-free and docs are mystified. He does still need prayer for his motor skills on his left side, since when surgeons first went into his brain, some damage was done. He needs the use of his left side back (arm, hand, leg, etc) bc he is left handed and makes violin bows for a living. Thank you for your prayers!