Email Testimony

From: Karen

I have been praying about my left knee for awhile. It would seem better and then not better. I know God heals solidly. Recently while praying for healing, I actually felt happenings, but then realized the bigger problem was actually in my calf. There had been something in my calf for 20+ years. But it never really seemed like an issue. Now it did. When I prayed about my calf, I heard…’Give me 5 days…things like this take awhile’. Wow!! Okay!! Then one night I was wondering about it and I heard ‘It is the fifth night still’. Wow!! During those 5 days, there was pain and swelling, which I never before noticed. It seems to all be healed up with no lingering issue. Praise God!! Two huge emotional issues came up related to my calf. Now it is time to pray for my left knee again and listen to the healing video.