Email Testimony

From: Tom

I recognized that I had a fragment making me respond to many situations through the lens of rejection and abandonment. The fragment had been taking control more frequently because I have lost most of my family due to untimely deaths - cancer, mucormycosis, and stroke. The last few happened in the last three years - two of them this year.

I got to the part in the book where you described your own healing and stopped right there. I asked the Holy Spirit to take me back to where the fragment began - and I was immediately taken to the moment my dad told my brother and me that my mom was leaving us. I was 6 at the time. I immediately began crying like I did then and felt an intense pain in my stomach.

I went through the steps, asking Jesus to heal the wound and reintegrate the fragment back into my soul. I felt like Jesus wanted to give me something in return for the intense grief I had suffered. I couldn't think of what to ask for, so I asked for peace as you did in the book. I immediately felt better - the crippling pain was gone!

I continued to the next chapter, and I was reading about the poor woman in the ambulance when I suddenly started laughing uncontrollably. I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING. I laughed and laughed until tears started rolling down my cheeks, and I could not catch my breath! I asked for peace, but He gave me uncontrollable JOY!

When I was finally able to compose myself, the Holy Spirit showed me the Father's perspective on the situation. He brought a memory to mind of a journal my dad kept at the time, and one particular entry where he had noted that my mom wanted to fight him for custody. And it hit me. She had not abandoned me as I had believed. She fought for me. My dad fought for me. They both wanted me. Somewhere, I had believed a lie that I was not wanted.

And I started laughing again...I started thinking about all of the times in my life when I had felt rejected - no crying, no grief, no pain - just joy!

Thank you for writing the book - I feel like a new man!