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🇹🇷More Turkish Airstrikes targeting Oil Refineries in Al-Qahtaniyah
The US Senate Foreign relations committee hit out at Turkey saying these are not actions of an Ally.

The Joe Biden Administration Foreign policies are a total disaster, first Afghanistan, then Ukraine, now the whole middle east is on fire.
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🇹🇷New Turkish Airstrikes now taking place targeting the Al-Hawl camp east of Hasakah, on the Iraq - Syria border.
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🇹🇷Reported video showing the aftermath of the Turkish Airstrikes targeting Kurdish guard positions in ISIS detention centers in North-eastern Syria.
🇺🇸🇹🇷 There are reports that Turkey attacked the Al-Omar Oil Fields, in Eastern Syria these reports are completely FLASE.

US led Coalition confirmed they are conducting Drills using Artillery rounds which explained the noise of the explosions.
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BIG BREAKING NEWS 🇹🇷 Kurdish sources report following the Airstrikes at the Al-Hawl camp by Turkish Jets, some of the ISIS families managed to escape.
🇹🇷UPDATE - The Internal Security Forces arrested 6 members of an ISIS family, including 3 women, who fled earlier from the Al-Hawl camp, following the Turkish attack on the camp.
🚨BREAKING - Turkish military officials & US military officials held extensive talks regarding Syria in Kilis, Southern Turkey.

According to sources & Kurdish Officials US has given a green light to Turkey to launch a limited operation into North Eastern Syria.

Further details to be released.
Forwarded from Disclose.tv
JUST IN - Climate activists attack Berlin airport. Flight operations are completely suspended, both runways are currently closed.

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🇮🇷Iranian military is moving up tanks & Armoured Vehicles to the Iraqi border in the North Western region.
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🇮🇷Iran continues to ramp up movement of tanks towards the Iraq - Iran border in the North amid talks of a military operation against the kurds into Northern Iraq.
🚨BREAKING - SDF forces say they will have to abandon ISIS camps & Prisons holding ISIS fighters & Families if Turkey launches a Ground operation into North Eastern Syria.