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I have been experimenting the way in which I mix the bath salt colours, and have somehow managed to turn this Willow batch lilac instead of pink😆

So this lot is on sale too. Grab yourself a bargain
We have gift boxes available at Clean & Pure Soap, which come with a choice of any four handcrafted soaps from either the Clean & Pure or Artisan Soap range.

This box set is perfect for any occasion, it could be a birthday present or even just a thank you.
Busy wrapping soaps today before my upcoming trip to Devon.
I’m just looking at sourcing some different wildflower seeds to give out with orders from Clean & Pure Soap.

This is a Native British general purpose wildflower seed mixture. Perfect flowers for bees and butterflies. 23 different wildflowers including Yarrow and Corn Poppy for general purpose soil conditions. Flowers from May - September.

What do you think 👍🏻 or 👎🏻
I’ve never grown anything to eat since being at school and growing cress 😂

The Thyme and Basil looks good, not sure what is going on with the Chives they look like tiny blades of grass 🤔
The new British wildflower seeds have arrived 🥰 1 gram will cover approximately half a square meter.

These will be given out with Clean & Pure orders. It’s actually sunny here today on Skye, so I’ve been doing some weeding in preparation 🌺💐🌼
I’ve been making Highlander soap today and my workshop smell incredible ❤️
I’m featured today in The Herald one of Scotland’s biggest papers. It is a hit piece designed to damage my business, despite the vast majority of the article making it sound like a company worth supporting.

I could never have afforded this advertising. However, the paper hopes I will lose business, suppliers and markets. I’m confident that my followers here will continue to support Clean & Pure Soap.
The Left will now be crying that the Herald are supporting Nationalists.

I could not have paid for a headline as good as that!
If you thought you loved your kids, wait until the grandchildren come. It’s like a steam train ran away with my heart.

💜 Happy Mother’s Day 💜
After the so called hatchet job on me yesterday, I have received many requests for international shipping to be added to the website.

So it’s now available 😊 Also, I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me, either by way of messages, orders and sharing content. We have such a wonderful community and I’m very grateful.
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Join us tonight at 7pm (UK time) for Episode 86 of Tea Time with Sam & Laura

- Was Knowsley a set-up to take down Patriotic Alternative?
- Claire Ellis joins us to discuss the recent hit piece that attacked her and her business.
- Your questions answered.

Odysee (our preferred platform):


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Claire will be joining David Clews from 20:30 tonight on

Be in no doubt that this is the state using their propaganda arms to DESTROY anyone trying to earn a living if they don't hold 'acceptable' views. This will happen to all of us soon if we don't say NO!
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Media is too big
Today we remember Emily Jones who was brutally murdered on this day in 2020.

Emily, aged 7, lost her life to a woman who entered the country illegally, an ‘alleged’ paranoid schizophrenic who shouldn’t have been walking our streets.

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