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A LOT of what you are seeing right now (potential arrests for Trump and Putin announced on the same day, for example) is about diverting eyes away from Joe Biden and the Biden family as a whole. This is a MAJOR issue for them currently... especially since they lost their Orwellian censorship machine on Twitter. Speaking of that, I honestly don't know where we would be right now if @elonmusk didn't take over the platform... thank God that he did!

The problem is that they are willing to risk a MASSIVE domestic issue and even potentially a world war to do this.

The irony is that they are going to end up destroying Biden themselves at some point (I do NOT believe that he will be the Democratic nominee in 2024) but they want that to be on their own terms and with their own narrative attached to it. They are already sabotaging him in many ways, with the classified documents being one of them.

What we need to do is not let them get our eyes off of the things being exposed. It is vital that we understand that they are definitely playing a game, or series of games rather. Even a Trump arrest is a short-term band-aid on a wound that will end up healing worse... because they didn't actually dress it like they should have.


^ It's also possible that the threat of a Trump arrest throughout this entire weekend and into early next will do enough to obfuscate the way they want/need. If they accomplish that, they might not even end up needing to arrest him for their short-term goals.


Never forget that this was a real article...

"It could have been worse if he was not vaccinated at all"


The most egregious and hypocritical Covid misinformation ever spread was by Joe Biden.


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Congressional Democrats never actually cared about masks or believed that they worked. They just wanted to force compliance and obedience on the people. Both of the videos were taken within 24 hours of each other.

The song is "Birthday Bash" by Samson: youtu.be/2mXll5ujV5I

Trying to blow this up on Twitter below if you would like to help:


Very late night chat, go!

I posted this as a response to one of my comments in my night chat but figured I would post it here for everyone.

Question from "Chris": "Question: If this regime is successful in getting us in a war before the 2024 election, will an election even take place? Can an administration change hands in time of war?"

My answer: "I could see there being more of a Cold War than a boots on ground World War during the next two years. We are kind of in that now but on steroids soon.

I think the next real World War will start with a Republican President in office. I also think it will start on the basis of a false flag to frame the President and blamed essentially on Nationalism... in an attempt to destroy it completely."

Elon must believes that Donald Trump will return to Twitter, in due time.


Thanks for the inspiration @edwardrussl

I went ahead and made a longer version...

BREAKING: Keith Olbermann confirms that Keith Olbermann is in hell right now.


I wish this was satire but it's not.

Be smart. Don't fall victim to entrapment.


It seems kind of important to remember and share this right now...

"Porn star Stormy Daniels denies having an affair with Trump"


This week/next week is going to mostly cloudy with a significant chance of rain and false flags.


One of the biggest self-owns of all time...

A group of Shepherds in Germany (German Shepherds?) actually had their sheep arranged in the form of a syringe to "promote vaccination"

Yes, the sheep are using literal sheep to help other sheep become even more sheep-like.


How does it make you feel to know that THIS is the man in charge of defending the United States of America against our foreign enemies?


Hair Loss Dreams: A Symbol of Fear, Change, or Healing?