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Look everybody!

It's mass casualty events season again
A contact in the field of marine and domestic logistics just told me (verbatum) -- [Foul language warning]:

"They pulled the Tugs off of the Dali and because its not a "major" ship but a 10k ship. They made the decisions to pull the tugs.

Tugs on the ship would have prevented this. Guess who funds the Tugs? Secretary Pete Bootyjuice. The DOT cut the tug budget 40%. The Tugs would have been able to slow / even stop the ship.

This is war

The great replacement invasion is happening

Ship them to New York and Chicago

Did you hear Denver whining?

Every state is a border state
In case you forgot
Now you know why BlackRock bought all those properties

To rent them out to the government for all their new voters

I don't see how BlackRock isn't tarred and feathered personally
Dear vibing gnostics

Tho you are are really brave to fight hell naked sending good thoughts

Might I suggest you trade all that for Jesus and his armor?

I don't want good thoughts and vibes

I want prayer warriors moving heaven on our behalf

No Jesus, no Armor
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🚨 American Rancher Blowing The Whistle On mRNA Vaccine Tests In Livestock

“They took 525 hogs, injected them with a live mRNA vaccine and in 21 days, these were the statistics

- 25 of them suffered from death
- 55 of them became so anorexic that they were near death
- 20 of them suffered from lameness
- 12 of them suffered from loss of condition
- and 25 more of them had near death symptoms”

“Let's dig into the statistics sheet about mRNA vaccines in live animals and why this is a concern not only as a consumer, but as a producer as well

So we have 70% of these animals that are gonna be okay to an extent, and then we have 30% of them that either have died or have near death symptoms.

They did autopsies on the ones that had passed away, and they still found remnants of the live virus vaccine inside the meat of these animals.

So from a consumer standpoint we have to worry about a live virus being inside of our meat that we're putting inside of our bodies, and as a producer stand point, we have to worry about the health of our animals that can ultimately destroy us, destroy our herd, and destroy our business altogether. I'm interested to see what you all think about this, so make sure you leave a comment, share it around.

Let's get this information out there and make people aware.

And as always, guys, buy American and buy local.”
If you don't have a local rancher you trust

I have the solution for much cheaper than Omaha or Butcher Box

No vaccines ever
Grass to table
20 day aged Black Angus

Besty steaks I've ever had

They knew and should lose money over violating our rights

The university told The Post it is investigating claims that the “Gill Tract Community Farm” in nearby Albany offered its space on Saturday exclusively to “Black, Indigenous, and People of Color,” after a complaint with the US Department of Education by the Mountain States Legal Foundation.
Voters said no but.....
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Coming here to thank God for his protection and mercy! Our tristate area experienced what they're saying was an EF1 tornado at around 11 am today and although there are many structural damage to places and businesses, I've not heard of a single life lost. God was definitely watching over our Ohio/Kentucky/West Virginia area! I'm giving him all praise and glory tonight. Hearing more may be on the way overnight into tomorrow so please pray that his protection continues over us. Much love fellow anons 🙏💚🙏
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Media is too big
.@JesseBWatters: "Trump is banned from talking about the judge's family. Why? Because the judge's family was paid by the Biden campaign. The judge's family is currently being paid by Adam Schiff over $10 million."

"The judge is threatening to put Trump in jail for pointing out that his liberal family is getting rich off this trial and richer if he's convicted."

"The judge's daughter isn't seven. She's 34. He's not attacking her. He's just saying what she does for a living. How's that an attack? He just wants a new judge. One whose family isn't funded by Democrats."

Werth Remembering

The real snake poem meaning
Perhaps this will become more apparent soon
TikTok and Fitness: The Rise of Wellness Trends on the Platform