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So right after the fbi raids Trump a guy with a nail gun invaded the feds and then conveniently dies the same day. Rightttt.
Do you believe this?

Ricky Schiffer the nail gun fed invader joined Truth Social in August 2022. Literally this month.
Not only that.
He has Ray Epps in his profile.

Not suspicious at all right guys?

Oh snap. Most of Ricky's followers were hard-core leftists. πŸ‘€

The timing of Ricky Schaffer joining Truth Social right before he invades the feds make me feel like he was a plant designed to give clowns an opening to shut down Truth Social.
To sum it up: Ricky glows.

Comms go down.
What hobby you picking up first:
Good morning Patriots. What's habbening.
Morning News Update:

Trump pops off. Release the documents. Hussein kept nuclear docs

The Pit. Tomorrow.

Bolton just said Iran wanted him dead too. Interesting

Love the commitment to free speech

Libs calling for execution

Dan Scavino goes orange

Or we could just finish the wall

Their time of hiding is over. Light is shining


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New thread coming out in a few hours on Peter Nygard. A red pill https://pepelivesmatter.substack.com/
Daily morale boost thread for frens. 🐸
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Media is too big
My latest substack:

Peter Nygard: The Canadian Jeffrey Epstein's quest for immortality and his crimes against women and children.

He was impregnating minors, making them have abortions and then injecting himself with his own aborted children in an attempt to live forever.


If you'd like to red pill a fren or family member this is a good place to start. All provable. In his own words. Peter is an archetype for the corrupt elite.

Controlling politicians, blackmail, rape, threat of murder, and much more.

I think you will find this substack quite eye opening.

Thank you for sharing and supporting me. Next dig will be on Katie Hobbs!

Consider following @nevschannel who created this amazing trailer for the substack.

Let me know you want to to see me do a dig on next. I'm open to suggestions!
What are they looking for?

Will Trump actually be indicted?
Plot twist:
The FEDs were searching for the red folder this entire time.
Been working hard af. I'm relaxing today for a bit.
Anyone down for a doggo/cat/pet fren thread for happiness?
Post your animal frens in chat for wholesomeness.
Some interesting comments from Devin Nunes today....

"Garland...who liked he was some kind of prisoner looked like he just got the hell beat out him. Like he didn't want to do this...."

"These are psychotic people and this has to end. This has been going on since 2016...our colleagues better wake up."

He also brings up the national archives and what Hussein and Clinton did with their documents. The director of the national archives made a statement that Hussein was perfect with his documents which clearly is a lie.

Devin says...
"They've corrupted every damn agency in this country. I don't think there is one left."

Impossible to clean? I've got a feeling a lot of dismantling will be coming in the future.
Trump lives rent free 24/7 in the minds of the pedowood elite.
They fear him like no one else.
Media is too big
Kari Lake embarasses another fakestream reporter who gets triggered when she tells him how terrible he is to his face. 🀣

"The people of Arizona are on to you.
That's why they aren't watching you. That's why you have two thousand viewers for your ten o'clock news cast out of six and a half million."

*Reporter proceeds to cry*
Good morning Patriots. What's habbening.
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