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Forwarded from Insider Paper
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Monday announced the hiring of OpenAI’s Sam Altman and other members of his team, days after the co-founder of the venture behind ChatGPT was fired


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Media is too big
NEW - Yemen's Houthis have released footage of yesterday's hijacking of a civilian ship in the southern Red Sea.

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President Trump - GREAT POLLS JUST RELEASED - BEST EVER! Harvard/Harris TRUMP 67%, DeSanctimonious 9%, Birdbrain 8%, Ramaswamy 5%, Christie - dead in the water, a total loser! TRUMP UP 7% to 10% on CROOKED JOE BIDEN. RNC must save money on lowest ever ratings debates. Use it against the Democrats to STOP THE STEAL! If not, REVAMP THE RNC, NOW!!!
Trump Media & Technology Group Corp, (the owner of Truth Social), has filed a lawsuit against 20 major media companies, alleging a coordinated media attack involving false reporting of a $73 million loss by TMTG.
BREAKING: The judge that will be hearing Elon Musk's bombshell lawsuit against Media Matters was appointed by Donald Trump.

Judge Mark T. Pittman is the same judge that ordered the FDA to release the Pfizer files.
FYI - Trump Media Group is seeking damages in the amount of $1.5 billion in their lawsuit against 20 major media companies.
America First Legal has filed a class action lawsuit against major players in the censorship regime.
Forwarded from UngaTheGreat
LEGAL: Texas Sues Pfizer, Tris Pharma for Endangering Children with ADHD Drug

The lawsuit alleges that both companies knowingly distributed a medication that failed to meet federal standards.

Attorney General Ken Paxton states, “Pfizer and Tris defrauded the state and endangered children,” referencing the knowingly substandard distribution of Quillivant XR.

The lawsuit uncovers a disturbing scenario in the pharmaceutical industry, where companies prioritized profit over children's safety.

This pivotal case puts Pfizer and Tris Pharma under scrutiny and could signal a shift towards greater accountability in the pharmaceutical sector.

Epoch Times Article

Forwarded from Badlands Media (Ali Tucker)
Former troops are suing the U.S. government for lost pay and benefits due to the Biden administration’s military vaccine mandate, one of the lawyers who successfully brought down the Anthrax vaccine told Breitbart News.

Attorney Dale Saran, a retired Marine, and fellow attorneys Andy Meyer and Brandon Johnson are representing the former troops in three separate lawsuits they plan to turn into a class action lawsuit on behalf of all service members who were either kicked out or illegally ordered to stop drilling, resulting in loss of pay.

“It’s worth billions. That’s just flat-out. That’s what it is in backpay. It’s billions of dollars,” he said.

The lawsuits were filed in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, which Saran said is a specialized court where illegal discharges are heard.

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All the shills in the mainstream media are incessantly talking about how afraid they are that Trump will "execute them and send them to camps" and I'm over here thinking long and hard about how they've been expanding gitmo all these years.
"He will imprison. He will execute."
Changpeng Zhao ('CZ'), the founder and chief executive of Binance crypto exchange, will step down and plead guilty to violating criminal U.S. anti-money laundering requirements, in a deal that will allow the company to continue operating.
He has agreed to pay fines totaling $4.3 billion.
Forwarded from Arrests~Indictments~Justice (𝓐𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓵 𝓟𝓪𝓽𝓻𝓲𝓸𝓽 🇺🇸)
🚨3 Utah Company Executives Arrested On Human Trafficking Charges

Three executive officers of a company based in West Bountiful, have been arrested on multiple human trafficking charges possibly involving hundreds of employees following a 6-month investigation.

Rubicon President Tyler Brinkman, along with CFO Clayton Phillips and Human Resources executive Adam Perea were charged Monday with 7 counts of Aggravated Human Trafficking and one count of Pattern of Unlawful Activity following their alleged actions with employees brought into the country from Mexico.

The charges allege the landscaping and snow removal company forced employees to live in less-than-desirable company-owned housing while forcing them to pay rent that would be deducted from their pay. Rubicon also failed to pay the employees, while also forcing them to purchase company phones in order to use a company app.

Employees and witnesses told authorities that any complaints or failure to comply with the company rules would lead to less pay and threats of deportation.

Seven adult victims are listed in the charges, all telling similar stories of what occurred after they moved from Mexico to Utah in order to work at Rubicon. While only a small handful of victims provided statements to law enforcement, authorities believe up to 150 company employees have been treated similarly.
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