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A Man on a Mission. Father, Friend, Brother, Lover, Student. Welcome to the Great Awakening.
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Trump Trials Dead Ahead.

Who is Commander in Chief?
Who is [LAW]fully Commander in Chief?
How is this determined?
What happens when a former President proves foreign-coordinated, federal election malfeasance, leading to a fraudulent vote tally and a Manchurian administration?
What happens if Federal Courts fail to examine public-domain Evidence of Electioneering?
What happens if NATSEC is successfully introduced into the Civilian Judiciary?

👉 Who Commands the US Armed Services?

What happens if there is a public choice that must be made for the US Military Command/Control.
What happens if there is a -> public <- Constitutional crisis regarding Legitimacy of the Leader of US Military Forces?

Conn, Sonar: Crazy Ivan.
All Stop.
Remember Your Oath.
#DarktoLight #WWG1WGA #WETHEPEOPLE #mankind #spiritualwar #savethechildren #FallofTheCabal

👉 RealSGAnon
We see [You].
Slaves No More.

Phase 1 Complete: Strings Cut//Consciousness Freed. STRATCOM_Worldwide in place.
Phase 2: Remove Real-World(kinetic/biologic) Threats//Blockades to MassPop Awakening + Drive Awakening(Win Information War) + Preserve Real-World National Essential Functions//Worldwide Continuity Operations + Begin Hostage Rescue Missions At_SCALE + Neutralize [DS] Mil Industrial Complex KEY NODES Worldwide.

Almost there.
Keep the steam up and your morale HIGH.
God wins. And so do we.

#NCSWICNothing #DarktoLight #WETHEPEOPLE #vigilance #WWG1WGA #thegreatawakening

👉 RealSGAnon
File 70 next 72hrs.

Government, Peoples, and Military Movements worldwide are rapidly sparking.
The Patriots’ Alliance could not be more on the gas pedal.
Our opponents still have thrash in them; yet they could not be more desperate or afraid.

Mankind’s Awakening is assured.
Our relationship w/ the Almighty is Rising.
Billions of Lights shining on the [Darkness] of our Earth.
The Prodigal Son Returns.
#WWG1WGA #spiritualwar #GodWins #LetFireFall #WETHEPEOPLE

👉 RealSGAnon
Starve the hydra.
Pray for We The People.
We Rise. [They] Fall.
#DarktoLight #Awakening #WWG1WGA

👉 RealSGAnon
50 USC s1601
50 USC s1701
50 USC s1622(d)
22 USC s287(c)
Title 3 USC s301

Unwind the constrictor.
Counterintelligence warfare.

👉 RealSGAnon
Russian forces are advancing into the North, East, and Southeast of Avdiivka, despite maniacal resistance from fighters of the UAF. All corridors, save 1, for Avdiivka's resupply by Ukrainian forces (as well as those forces' avenue of retreat), are now cut off by Russian field artillery.

-> Mariupol
-> Lisichansk
-> Bakhmut (Artemovsk)
-> Kleshchiivka

Avdiivka next.
#ExposeBioTerrorism #DarktoLight #WWG1WGA

👉 RealSGAnon
Full. Throttle.

👉 RealSGAnon
File 70

Public Awakening Finally Here > Russian Offensive Quietly Mounting on Multiple UKR Cities > Polish Invasion of W. Ukraine Coming > Bioterrorism Being Exposed At_SCALE > Trump Iowa Victory Full of "White Hat"/Q/Gold-Backed Comms > Russian Soldiers Deploy Secret Space Technology > Underground War Continuing in E. Mediterranean > Hold on Tight! >>> #WETHEPEOPLE #DarkToLight #Worldwide #WWG1WGA >>>

👉 RealSGAnon
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Spain’s farmers have now joined the fight for liberty, freedom, and Life.

Never retreat. Never surrender.
#WWG1WGA #DarktoLight #worldwide

👉 RealSGAnon
Red Dawn Rising.
“100%” - President Donald Trump
#DarkToLight #WWG1WGA

“Why are border states like AZ/CA important?”

👉 RealSGAnon
Russian military using Starlink in Ukraine.

Who built Starlink?
Elon is the largest private US Contractor for ….
Why was Space Force created?
Are they part of a larger component Force?
Can Space Force work in conjunction with the ANG?
Can the Marine Corps and NG coordinate air, ground, and special operations?
Who supplies battlefield intelligence?
How is “recon” analyzed?
What sort of capability is needed for data processing at_Scale?
General -> specific.
What sort of Alliance would be needed to marry strategic reconnaissance, battlefield intelligence, kinetic operations, multi-domain AOs/deployments, and real-time “Force Adaptation”, ALL in the SAME campaign?

The largest, coordinated military operation in world history.
Nowhere left to run.
#JusticeIsComing #fallofthecabal #slavesnomore #WWG1WGA

👉 RealSGAnon
In 1985, Ghislaine Maxwell put on a “Save the Children” fundraising charity event at the home of Lord and Lady Bath, and utilized Disney Corp. to provide the entertainment for the occasion.
#DarktoLight #EndChildTrafficking #WWG1WGA

👉 RealSGAnon
File 71 in Recording and Prep.

- Putin and Q
- Trump "Marker" - Next Steps (USA Continuity/WW Alliance)
- USSF and NSA Crossovers
- UN Bioterrorism/Bioharvesting Exposure Coming
- FISA [US - DS] Millstone
- Underground Tunnel Networks Being Destroyed

The Silent war continues.
#WeThePeople #Godblessall #DarkToLight #WWG1WGA #Truth #Love #Humanity

👉 RealSGAnon
File 71

Putin Confirms Q in Tucker Carlson Interview > Trump TruthSocial: "The Time is Now" > Exposure of UN/Antarctica Bio-Nuclear Terrorism > FISA s701: Hussein's Worst Nightmare > USSF "Space Systems Command" Receives New Commander w/ NSA Background > US Mil Joint-Publication 3-42(9/9/2016) and Alliance EOD Ops Worldwide >>> Clockwork >>>

👉 RealSGAnon
What is Projection?
How is it psychologically accomplished?
Is there a transmitter?
A receiver?
What is a radio wave?
What is wavelength?
Can wavelength be augmented?
Are Thoughts, waves?
If so, then thought=frequency?
What is frequency warfare?
What is Mind Control?
How is brain activity defined?
If brain activity=wave, then brain activity=frequency?
Can frequency transmitters be programmed as self-replicating?
What is photon exchange?
Does it have basis in frequency?
If the human brain -> generates <- thought, where thought=wave, brain activity=wave, and wave=frequency, where frequency is malleable, is the human brain malleable?

Vertical questions.
Logical thinking.
Break the BROAD-Cast. Shatter the Spell.
The war was never about our homes or our lands. It was about our MINDS.

And [They] Lost.
#thegreatawakening #WWG1WGA #QSentMe #higherconsciousness #GodWins #WETHEPEOPLE

👉 RealSGAnon
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How powerful are you?
How powerful is this magnificent Earth?
What secrets are hidden in plain sight?
What is “Zero Point”/limitless energy?

“If I can’t bottle it and sell it by the pound, the barrel, or the gallon, I’m not interested” - JP Morgan

You are immersed in a sea of life and reality, sustained by the Living Spirit of God.
The Great Mystery.
One of the many wonderful gifts given this world from the Almighty.

—> Fatal to the Matrix <—

Let morning come.
#DarktoLight #WWG1WGA #tesla #Truth


👉 RealSGAnon
Taken from eBay, approx 1550 EST USA today.

Seem a bit strangely overpriced?

“1 available”

#DarktoLight #SlavesNoMore #savethechildren #EndHumanTrafficking #WWG1WGA #Truth #freedom

👉 RealSGAnon
How to Use Disposable Email API in C#