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The Trump arrest we discussed some weeks back, is now well underway.

Logical Thinking.
Who benefits from a Trump arrest?
Who has no choice?


πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
File 27 out tomorrow sometime.

>POTUS optics recently
>Scavino decodes
>ran β€”> Turkey β€”> Russia β€”> China β€”> Germany
(NATO is being neutered behind the scenes, Iran internal government has been freed)

Exciting progress forward.
Use worldwide _lens for judgment and understanding.

It has always been about humanity, as One
Free People.


πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
Coded messages in plain sight.

We are on a journey of learning.
#WWG1WGA #trusttheplan

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
This is a fascinating delta for today.

Didn't Elon just out most or all of the bots still left on Twitter, yesterday?

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
Hundreds of military aircraft airborne above continental USA right now.
Several militaries represented.

Joint search and destroy / search and capture operations running.

Subhunters are very active also. Rogue threat?


πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
Media is too big
We are waking them up at a much more accelerated pace, Patriots.

This was on an MSM outlet that reaches a LOT of centrist and independent conservatives in the United States.

#trusttheplan #ArtOfWar

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
Coordinated Operations.
Psychological warfare.
Show of Force.

How do you instill fear in your opponent?


πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
File 30 in next 72hrs Topics: >Putin's Ukraine. >Belarus / Poland soon to be involved in the war. >Turkey-Syria-Iran vs. CIA/Mossad strongholds. >South America beginning continent-wide power shift. >BRICS now crippling remaining USD in WW circulation > Prep…
Additionally, based out of my own personal experience with a financial matter in the last 24hrs, which I can relay to each you with a receipt of sorts, File 30 will now include a NESARA-Proof.

The financial world is changing at an unprecedented speed.

You're watching the Greatest Show ever produced.
You're literally inside the movie plot.

We are headed for a glorious, new way of life.


πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
Start your engines.. πŸ‘€ TWITTER’S SECRET BLACKLISTS. Join πŸ‘‰ The Twitter Files
Each of you should be paying attention to these drops very closely.

They are not only malfeasance and oligarchic behavioral proofs (conduct, actions, etc.)

They are also real-time intelligence aggregates (think NSA and others) being shown to the world by the
Pentagon's largest civilian contractor.

Elon has them all, and it's on display.

#trusttheplan #WWG1WGA

πŸ‘‰ The Twitter Files

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
Alfa Bank
Perkins-Coie β€”> PC β€”> "Politically Correct"?
Mark Elias (crook)
Connections to?
Clinton Camp (elite pedos)
Connections to?

All roads lead to____?

Where is Hussein Obama?
Where is John Durham?
Where is James Clapper?

Twitter is now a dissemination and
narrative_restoration weapon, for OUR side.

We are the news now.


πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon

Trust the Plan.
Deceased: 2018

She will not be missed.

#trusttheplan #WWG1WGA

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
Worth noting that tomorrow's deltas in the Q boards all occurred on the ~same day~

This is one of them. Others speak about R/D corruption, 44, and FISA.

"FISA brings down the house"

If FISA actors presented illegal basis, then withheld evidence from the Court, what must happen to the
Who gave the order to withhold?
FBI: Flynn/FISA connections?
Familiar names?
What was in DNC servers that <44> HAD to protect?

We have it all.

#WWG1WGA #trusttheplan

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon

Why has TX Governor Greg Abbot sent undocumented immigrants (minors?) further into the Country, using taxpayer dollars, and specifically to deep_Blue metro centers known for human trafficking, tunnel network junctions, and SRA?

What is right up the road a bit from Martha's Vineyard?

The internet is forever.
Multi_dimensional Warfare.
The end is not for everyone.

#WWG1WGA #savethechildren #trusttheplan

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
File 35 tonight. Topics:
ο»Ώ> Cyber Polygon TableTop Exercise
ο»Ώ> South America / Saudi Arabia
ο»Ώ> Ongoing Ops in US Homeland
ο»Ώ> Societal Levers Being Overhauled Quietly

#WWG1WGA #trusttheplan #TrumpWon #TrustGod #ncswic

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
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Re-shared on Telegram for Newly Awakened Patriots.
>> Older footage of a human sacrifice ceremony by the Luciferian puppet masters.

Remember what our mission really is - the annihilation of Evil in the world.

And it doesn't get much more evil than this.

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
This is important to take note of.

What ~else~ will begin post Jan-31?
Think deeply.
Questions lead to answers.
Why this time?

Multidimensional, cross-societal warfare.
All theaters, all arenas.
Military and Civilian.
The Digital Army was needed to bring the matrix narrative control down.
Mil-Civ Alliance. Circumventing the governments of criminals.
The first of its kind in history.

On Deck:
The exposure of the Medical-Military-Industrial Complex.

#ElonAnon #trusttheplan

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
New Alliances.

Make more sense why Israel struck Iran?

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
"These people are stupid"

Understatement of the Millenium
#WWG1WGA #trusttheplan #FallofTheCabal #exposure #Truth

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
Tuesday, March 21, 2023 - leaked day of "Trump Arrest"

March 21, 2020 Q-delta, drop #3895

"Do not fear"

Pattern recognition.
How many times until it's ...?
#TrustDJT #trusttheplan

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
Sofia Ellar - Y 23 Lyrics