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Forwarded from Rev. James Costello
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The fine people of Kirkby came out in their droves to protest at The Suites Hotel where migrants have been placed. The police decided to place a riot van unattended in the middle of the crowd, knowing full well emotions were high. The riot van was then set on fire and the police left it to burn. The police and those in control of them knew exactly what they were doing.

Forwarded from Laura Towler
The Guardian have just edited their article about the Liverpool protest after we told them we weren’t there. Everybody there is still “far right” though even though they clearly don’t actually know who’s there.

See how the press don’t tell the truth?
Forwarded from Sam Melia: A Grug's Life
Reds and shitlibs coping hard today rather than taking a hard look in the mirror.

If the White working class in a red ‘stronghold’ like the Liverpool area aren’t even on their side… what does that mean for the rest of the country?
Forwarded from Morgoth's Review
Notice the way they're normalizing the idea of ''asylum seekers'' staying in hotels, as if that's just a thing that's standard and everybody is cool with it.

''Asylum seeker'' is itself a PC term to soften the reality of the government allowing 10,000s of young foreign men into the country and then using our taxes to house them in luxury. There's nothing ''normal'' about any of this, especially when you factor in working class natives have been bled white paying energy bills this winter.

Forwarded from Identity England
BBC at its propagandist best
On the protests last night in Kirkby against illegal migrants being dumped in a hotel there & justified concerns about their behaviour
BBC fails to interview any protestor or present any account of why locals protested
BBC quotes 8 pro-illegal migrant supporters
BBC only presents one side & dismisses locals as 'far right'


Forwarded from Renew Britannia
Media is too big
Hope Not Hate's Joe Mulhall Rattled
Forwarded from Late Stage Ireland
Ramping up the bullshit with no evidence provided.

🔗 pressreader.com
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Forwarded from Sam Melia

On May 15th 2023 James Allchurch a.k.a Sven Longshanks was jailed for 2.5 years. He was on trial for a series of podcasts he put out years ago, the claim being he intended to incite racial hatred with those broadcasts.


On 15 May 2023, James Allchurch a.k.a Sven Longshanks was jailed for 2.5 years. He was on trial for a series of podcasts he put out years ago, the claim being that he intended to incite racial hatred with those broadcasts.

Years after their release, with no-one having suffered from those broadcasts, no-one citing them as a basis for any hate crime and without even a single complaint from the public, the British state raided James's home and arrested him.
After an extensive investigation and delayed trial, James was found guilty on multiple counts, despite some jurors originally saying this case should be tossed out entirely.

Adding insult to injury: the judge who jailed Sven, one Huw Rees, has REPEATEDLY let paedophiles walk free, yet chose to jail a nationalist over spoken words.

This fundraiser is raising money for Sven while he is held as a political prisoner of the tyrannical British state. Money will be sent to his commissary funds while he is inside and to help him find his feet upon his release.


If you'd prefer to use cash: PO Box 275, Pudsey, LS28 0FQ - Please specify it's for James Allchurch

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Media is too big
Early this morning, the government attempted to plant Airways Industrial Estate in Santry with multiple bus loads of foreign military aged men. A few activists got word and were able to prevent it from happening. Local people were informed and are now on the scene to maintain a blockade. Six activists was all it took. This can be stopped. Ireland belongs to the Irish! nationalpartry.ie/join
Forwarded from Steve Laws
The 'Far-Right' politics that the establishment fear, ridicule and call dangerous, are exactly what will save this country and everyone knows it.
Forwarded from Nicholas R. Jeelvy
Tonight on The Writer’s Bloc we’ll be hosting Lictor for a discussion of the history of the BNP and the importance this history has for the current British nationalist movement.

Tune in to our Dlive, Odysee and Telegram channels at 22:00 CET, 4pm EST, 1pm PST. Send your questions, comments and donations through Entropy.

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Forwarded from Joel Davis
Reminder that when Iceland considered banning circumcision 5 years ago, the ADL threatened to use their power to destroy their economy and international reputation as punishment for making their country inhospitable to Jews.
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