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Pinsekirken Tabernaklet Haugesund was our last stop in Norway, and though it was in the smallest of the three cities we spoke at, it had the largest crowd that came from all across Scandinavia. Thank you Pastor Mark and your wonderful team, and thank you to the many who packed the place both in the afternoon and night!
North Korea said a military satellite crashed into the sea after an "accident" - they announced they would launch a new satellite soon
The war is raging: while the Ukrainians are launching drones towards Moscow (with no casualties), the Russians sank the Ukrainian warship "Yuri Olfirenko" (pictured) tonight. A Ukrainian source confirmed the sinking, as a result of a night attack on military installations in the port of Odessa.

It was reported that a fire broke out on board which caused the explosion of the ammunition, which was in the ship, and that there were many casualties among the ship's crew.
The IDF's “Iron Fist” exercise is underway:
“We are preparing for a war we haven't experienced in years":
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Al-Jazeera channel reports on an early morning Israeli attack against a military position of the Palestinian organization the Popular Front - the general headquarters on the Lebanon-Syria border early in the morning. Five terrorists were reportedly killed

(Kann 11)
Despite the Arab reports - Israel apparently did not attack in Lebanon..

1. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Lebanon is interesting to us.

2. This organization does not have capabilities like Hezbollah's in terms of possession of weapons that are a game changer.
3. There is no indication of flights that were over the Bekaa.

4. Israel is currently in a huge exercise, the last thing that interests us is a building that belongs to the Popular Front and is in the Bekaa, of which there are about 3000 in this area alone.

(Abu Saleh)
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Instead of thwarting a Russian missile, a Patriot interceptor landed on Kiev’s freeway.
A new natural gas reservoir was discovered off the coast of Israel - Katlan

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Energy and the Energian company, the extent of the reservoir is estimated at 68 Billion C
ubic Meters (BCM), while the annual gas consumption in Israel is less than 13 BCM. The Leviathan Reservoir is the largest off the coast of Israel with 600 BCM, Tamar with an estimated size of 300 BCM and Shark-Tanin 100 BCM
The Ministry of Energy and the Energian company announced today (Wed) the discovery of a new natural gas reservoir off the coast of Israel with an estimated size of 68 BCM. For comparison, the annual consumption of the entire Israeli economy is less than 13 BCM. The new database will be called "Katalan".
This is the fourth largest gas discovery found in Israel since the beginning of the previous decade. The largest discovery is the Leviathan reservoir, which is estimated at 600 BCM, the second largest reservoir is Tamar, which is estimated at 300 BCM, and the third reservoir is Harish-Tanin, also held by the Energian company, with a size of 100 BCM.

In a major strategic move, the United Arab Emirates said it had withdrawn from the Gulf naval coalition led by the United States of America.

The announcement came amid tensions between the UAE and the US over the UAE's growing military ties with China.

The US has "warned" the UAE government about a Chinese military presence in the UAE that could "impede relations" between the US and the UAE.

President Biden invited UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed a year ago, but bin Zayed has yet to visit the US due to political tensions between the two countries.

Instead, UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed chose to visit Russia in October.

The visit was considered by the United Arab Emirates as a step to look for new allies in the region and distance itself from the American "camp".

(Global Telegram)
A new report by the International Atomic Energy Agency on Iran says the agency “has no questions” about uranium particles found enriched to the level of 83.7% in its underground facility in Fordow, and that it has closed its investigation into the facility in Abadeh that was revealed by Prime Minister Netanyahu.

According to the report, Iran increased the level of enriched uranium by 25% to a level of 60%

Another confirmation that Israel is all alone in this!
US State Department spokesperson: Biden is fully committed to not allowing Iran to have nuclear weapons.
That’s a confirmation that America is on its way to a deal with Iran that will “stop Iran from becoming nuclear”.
I will spare from you what I think about the way this current US administration is handling Iran.
No wonder why the Arab Middle-East allies of America are running towards the open arms of China.
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Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently at the underground command center of the Israeli army in Tel Aviv observing the “Iron Fist” military exercise where Israel is getting ready for a multiple fronts war in the near future.
Iran joins the hypersonic missile club
The commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) confirmed that Iran will soon unveil a hypersonic missile.

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Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said during his visit to Hungary that Hungary will be the first European country to move its embassy to Jerusalem: "Hungary supports us in the international arena. The other good news... is that in a few weeks, Hungary will be the first country in the European Union to announce that it is moving its embassy to Jerusalem ", he said at a Chabad event in Budapest.

In Hungary they don't deny - but they don't confirm the things either. Hungary's ambassador to Israel Levante Banko told news here: "Hungary has been operating a trade office in Jerusalem since 2019 and so far no decision has been made regarding further steps in the embassy issue."

(Amichai Stein)
Accident Dreams: What They Mean and How to Deal with Them