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"Are We Here Again? Examining the Echoes of History in the Idolization of Extremism, Particularly for Jews in New York"

As we witness the idolization of extremist groups like Hamas among today's youth, it's crucial to reflect on the parallels with past chapters of history, particularly the idolization of nationalism in the lead-up to World War II. Just as economic hardship and social unrest fueled the appeal of nationalist ideologies in the 1930s, Today's disappointment and grievances provide fertile ground for the rise of extremist movements.

For many young people, extremist terror groups like Hamas offer a sense of belonging and purpose in a world marked by uncertainty and injustice. Propaganda campaigns and social media outreach draw in impressionable minds, glorifying violence and promoting radical ideologies under the guise of resistance and liberation.

The consequences of this idolization are profound and far-reaching. Just as the idolization of nationalism among American youth in the 1930s contributed to discrimination and violence, the idolization of extremist groups today perpetuates a cycle of conflict and suffering. The rhetoric of hatred and division that pervades extremist propaganda serves to deepen divisions and fuel animosity, leading to further violence and instability.

Moreover, the idolization of extremist leaders and movements legitimizes their oppressive tactics and undermines efforts for peace and reconciliation. By championing extremism at the expense of human rights and democratic values, young people unwittingly contribute to the perpetuation of injustice and conflict.

For Jews in New York and around the world, it's particularly frightening to watch the idolization of groups like Hamas. The rise of anti-Semitic rhetoric and violence fueled by extremist ideologies creates an atmosphere of fear and insecurity, reminiscent of darker chapters in history. As synagogues are targeted and Jewish communities face threats and intimidation, reminding us of the dangers of unchecked extremism.

As we confront the challenges of our time, it's imperative that we learn from the lessons of history and remain vigilant against the dangers of extremism. By promoting education, dialogue, and tolerance, we can empower young people to reject extremism and focus on the relevant things facing our world today.

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A voice of reason from the Middle East spoken by two very special and brave men from the UAE, Amjad Taha and Loay Alshareef.
President Biden and his national-security team watched with mounting alarm on April 13 as monitors in the White House Situation Room showed 30, then 60, then over 100 Iranian ballistic missiles streaking toward Israel. 
Iranian cruise missiles and a swarm of drones were already in the air, timed to arrive at the same time as the missiles—a massive barrage that Biden and his aides feared could overwhelm the strengthened defenses they and Israel had spent more than a week preparing.
The scale of Tehran’s first-ever direct attack on Israel matched U.S. spy agencies’ worst-case scenarios, U.S. officials said later. It threatened not only a close U.S. ally, but Biden’s hopes of preventing a six-month Middle East crisis from widening into an all-out regional war.
Assembling in the Situation Room at 5:15 p.m. that Saturday, Biden and his aides couldn’t be sure that Israel’s antimissile systems, reinforced by the U.S. military’s antimissile and counterdrone deployments in the previous 10 days, would block nearly 99% of Iran’s salvo.
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This is an SNL skit from 2015. It was a forecast of dropping off your kid at an Ivy League University in 2024.
Car ramming terror attack in Jerusalem near a synagogue!
I see a lot of stupidity online accusing Netanyahu for enabling Hamas by giving them money.
Let’s set the facts straight: in 2008-2009 it was Prime minister Ehud Olmert the one who began transferring money to Hamas ruled Gaza. His defense minister was Ehud Barak.
The cash suitcases from Qatar begun when Israel actually stopped paying.
Most of the money that went for terror didn’t come from these limited transactions for salary payments. It was Iran who transferred the billions via multiple international accounts and money changers who cashed it for them. Hamas leaders publicly thanked Iran for it!
Police spokespersons:

Ramming attack in Jerusalem-

A short time ago, a report was received that two civilians had been run over on Techelet Mordechai Street in Jerusalem, resulting in minor injuries.

2 terrorists fled the scene on foot and an improvised weapon of the "Carlo" type was found on their escape route.

Many police and security forces under the command of the Jerusalem district commander are on the scene, and are scanning the area in order to locate the suspects.
2 suspects of involvement in the attack were arrested in the Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood in northern Jerusalem.
Both an automatic rifle and an ax were found along the trail of the fleeing terrorists. A bloodbath was planned and a miracle happened when the weapon didn’t work and they were filled with fear and ran away!
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Security camera documentation of the attack in Jerusalem - the terrorists arrived in an Israeli vehicle, deliberately hit the group of citizens standing on the sidewalk, tried to shoot, failed due to a stoppage with the improvised weapon - and fled the scene on foot.
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Students at MIT, Emerson, and Tufts University have set up encampments in solidarity with Columbia University's Gaza Solidarity Encampment.

"We've shown our administrators the power that we hold and we can't give it up. We are the ones who run this campus who make campus what it is."
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2 Palestinian terrorists went out on a holiday eve to massacre Israelis in Jerusalem, they ran over and tried to shoot but luckily they had a stop and a serious massacre was avoided.
The two terrorists are 17 years old, yes, these are exactly the terrorists who enter the category of children in the world when the IDF hits them. These are not children - these are mortal terrorists!!!
It's good that they were caught
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The New York Times:
Israel abandoned plans for a large-scale counterattack in Iran after coordinated diplomatic pressure from the US and other foreign allies

The Israeli leaders originally discussed bombing several military targets across Iran last week, including near Tehran, the Iranian capital, in retaliation for the April 13 Iranian attack.

Instead of sending fighter jets into Iranian airspace, Israel on Friday launched a small number of missiles from aircraft positioned a few hundred kilometers to the west. Israel also sent small drones, known as quadcopters, to confuse Iranian air defenses, according to the Israeli officials.

One missile hit an anti-aircraft battery on Friday, while the Air Force deliberately destroyed the second missile launched after it became clear that the first had reached its target.
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