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I believe that an all-out war against Hezbollah would be very difficult, but the Israeli decision to wait has operational implications that are worth dwelling on:

1. Since October 7, the production lines for TAMIR (Iron Dome), Stunr (David's Slingshot) missiles, and possibly also the Arrow's, have been working 24/7, and Israel has accumulated thousands of interceptors instead of those launched in the south. Since the interception policy is to launch only when expected If a hit occurs in a built-up area, each additional interceptor means one less hit in populated areas, and cumulatively thousands less hits.

2. The elimination of Hamas's rocket capability allows the air defense systems formation to concentrate almost all of its capabilities against the northern front. This fact provides a better interception capability, which will also be reflected in the reduction of the number of effective hits by Hezbollah.

3. The Air Force and the IDF ground forces do attack in southern Lebanon with a relatively low intensity, but they have been doing so for a long time, and in the process hit several thousand Hezbollah targets. This activity offset to some extent the organization's rocket stockpiles, and will also allow a less difficult entry into the ground maneuver across the border.

4. The IDF gained fresh and enormous operational experience in the Gaza Strip, which no army in the world currently possesses. Assuming that the campaign will break out in the spring or summer, the troops will arrive relatively refreshed and equipped with tremendous combat experience, despite the differences between the fighting descriptions of Gaza and the north.

It is important to emphasize: Hezbollah should not be underestimated, the campaign against it will be very difficult and will exact a price and casualties in significantly greater numbers than the war against Hamas; It is likely that it will also accompany all those extreme scenarios that I mentioned in the previous post, such as damage to iconic government buildings in Israel, the possibility of prolonged power outages, and the like;

But, the time that has passed is mainly beneficial to the IDF and the security establishment, should make this campaign a little less deadly, and make Nasrallah think again if he wants to go down in history not as the defender of Lebanon, but as the destroyer of Lebanon.
Michelle O’Neill, the new First Minister of Northern Ireland, says Hamas will eventually be regarded as a future partner for peace.

I have no more words left…
Skiing area near Davos, Switzerland.

Jews have been barred from renting ski equipment.
6 shot on the New York subway.

One of them, a 15-year-old girl, fatally.
Israeli sources say medicine was never delivered to Fernando and Louis, as agreed upon in the France-Qatar brokered deal.
The looming ground assault on Rafah will signal the end of Hamas as a coherent army.
It's also the end of Hamas as a government anywhere.
It's Iran's first time being decisively rolled back anywhere.
And it's a military victory for a Western country.
All of these things contribute to the increasingly desperate calls for Israel not to send in troops.
Not to evacuate civilians in order to execute it either.
Just not
Israel please, please do not win.
Anything but that.
The IDF publishes the casualty data - the dead and wounded from the beginning of the war until now (02/12/2024):*

From the beginning of the war (on 7.10) - 566
From the beginning of the ground maneuver (on 27.10) - 229

*Current situation of hospitalized soldiers:*
In a difficult situation - 30
In medium condition - 227
In easy condition - 87
Total - 344

*Soldiers injured since the beginning of the war:*
In a difficult situation - 434
In medium condition - 764
In easy condition - 1,684
Total - 2,882

*Soldiers injured from the beginning of the ground maneuver in the Gaza Strip:*
In a difficult situation - 268
In medium condition - 442
In easy condition - 616
Total - 1,326

*Wounded from operational accidents in the Gaza Strip:*
Accidents - 391
Shooting irregularities - 24
Two-sided shooting - 54
Road accidents - 31
Other (working conditions, falls, bruises) - 45
Total - 545

Translated from Hebrew to English.
Jewish theatre goer THROWN OUT of comedy show in London because he was Jewish after comedian Paul Currie incited the audience to threaten the man shouting 'get the f*** out.’

200 audience members joined in the ‘get the f*** out’ chant demanding the Jewish man leave after Paul Currie, a virulent antisemite called the man a “motherf***er” because he was Jewish.

The comedian then pulled out a Palestinian flag and incited the crowd to turn on the Jewish man until he left.

Image 1: Jewish man Liahav Eitan
Image 2: Comedian Paul Curry
IDF soldiers continue to operate in the Gaza Strip; during the operation in western Khan Yunis, the soldiers of the 7th Brigade Combat Team eliminated over 30 terrorists.

In the last day, the forces of the 98th Division continued their activity in the west of Khan Yunis, during which combat team fighters of the 7th Brigade eliminated over thirty terrorists while deepening the operational control of the area and conducting raids on terrorist infrastructures, sniper ambushes and patrols.

Also in West Khan Yunis, the paratroopers killed two terrorists who tried to move under the cover of the civilian population, when one of the terrorists was spotted pointing a gun at an IDF armored vehicle, the force responded immediately and eliminated the terrorist.

In addition, in the Khan Yunis area, the fighters of Unit 414 located a number of terrorists who were transporting cargo on a motorcycle. The fighters directed an aircraft that attacked and eliminated the squad.
The fire complex of the 98th Division directed attacks on two military depots located inside terrorists' houses.

In the center of the strip, the battle team of the Nahal Brigade eliminated about ten terrorists during the last day. As part of the activity, the brigade's fire complex identified a terrorist squad that entered the building from which an anti-tank missile was fired at our forces, within a few minutes a circle was closed on the terrorists and a fighter jet eliminated the squad.
Thousands of Palestinians are fleeing up north from Rafah towards the central Gaza Strip ahead of an Israeli ground maneuver in Hamas’s last stronghold!
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