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NEW - Ukraine's Zelensky signs a new controversial law to regulate the news media in the country, the NYT reports.

"The media regulation bill expands the authority of Ukraine’s state broadcasting regulator, the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting, to cover the online and print news media. It gives the regulator the power to fine media outlets, revoke their licenses, temporarily block certain online media outlets without a court order, and request that social media platforms and search giants like Google remove content that violates the law, the Ukrainian news media has reported."

JUST IN - Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has died at age 95.

He led the Catholic Church for eight years until 2013 when he had to step down due to health issues.


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JUST IN - Buffalo Bills' NFL player Damar Hamlin is in critical condition after suffering cardiac arrest during game against Bengals.


NEW - China blasted COVID testing requirements imposed on passengers from China and threatened countermeasures against countries involved, which include the U.S. and several European nations.


JUST IN - Trust in the German Chancellor and the ruling government reaches a new low. Only around 30 percent of the population still trust the two institutions - Forsa poll