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The Present Or The Future; Where Do You Crave To Be Free?

Image source Forget the title of this post, it doesn’t cover everything written here. There’s the confusion of satisfying needs in the present and chasing financial freedom for the future. Truth is, limitations and lack is why we can’t kill... Continue Reading →
Do you believe in what you are investing in? It is very important when it comes to long-term investments!

As I have mentioned in some of my previous posts, I am not a pro trader and I do not have especially long experience. But, there are some things I have learned, for example, to keep my head calm and... Continue Reading →
The Great Challenge Changes of the World as a Consequence of COVID-19.

Good morning, during this world quarantine generated by this Coronavirus Pandemic, an unprecedented catastrophe for our humanity, I have carried out my own analyzes and interpretations of the incidences of this Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine in life and... Continue Reading →
The World Is About To Experience A Quick Replay Of Global Financial Crises

Just like we have now, some years ago around 2007-2010 to be precise, there was a global financial crisis and so many people back then waited for the government of the day to help salvage the situation, the way people... Continue Reading →
How FAANG Lost More Than a Trillion Dollars in a Week !!

Amid an overwhelming technical defeat, Wall Street turned its gains with the shares of major technology companies falling, and the most important US stock indexes turning red during the year, on their way to closing in the red in 2018,... Continue Reading →
How Bitniex Choses Coins To List

Token listing is a very serious process that requires a serious approach. In our Bitniex team, there are specialists who are engaged in the selection of tokens that should be presented on our exchange. Let’s take a closer look at... Continue Reading →
What is Pynk? | How to earn from Pynk? | Everything you need to know about Pynk | explanation

Hello everybody, today I’m going to talk about this UK based company called “Pynk” which runs on a principle called ‘Wisdom of Crowds(WoC)’. Pynk has won the 10th Wolves Summit held in October 2019 and also won several other awards.... Continue Reading →
PrimeXBT’s Covesting Module Launches and May Completely Up-End the Crypto Market

News recently broke PrimeXBT’s release of the long-awaited Covesting Module Beta which allows traders on the platform to form peer-to-peer investment funds, and to share strategies and profits collectively. PrimeXBT has been a major part of cryptocurrency and traditional asset... Continue Reading →
This is why you need the Bitcurate Data Intelligence and how it works

For every solution there must have been a problem. And that is the case of the Bitcurate platform. If you went through my first post about bitcurate; You would realize that it is short, concise and an introductory words about... Continue Reading →
Bitcurate Platform: Providing the transparency in data that you long for.

The crypto currency world is no longer an emerging technology but a widely accepted technology worldwide. It is though inefficient to certain extents, but the impacts of crypto currency and blockchain technology cannot be stretched too far. We have experienced different... Continue Reading →
Crude oil for idiots – continued

First of all, I would like to emphasize, I’m not an expert, nor my words are strictly for casual chat basis, and are not taken into your financial decision nor consideration. I’m not here to compete with any other expert,... Continue Reading →
VENUS Retrograde And BITCOIN Price Action

Photo by Aleksi Räisä on Unsplash In this article, I will take a look at previous Venus retrograde periods and how they have influenced XBT/EUR price action. Or BTC/EUR. Or Bitcoin and the Euro. If You want to know the... Continue Reading →
Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corp. (TECH) FY2019 Financial Results

Earnings of TECH is flat in the fiscal year 2019 compared to the prior year. The net income increased by 1.04% to $8.42 million compared to $8.33 million in 2018 with the decreased growth in revenues at 24.75% to $80.12... Continue Reading →
[ PUBLIC ] Weekend Market Chart Analysis – 04/24-26/2020

Using Mostly Original Concepts! PLEASE READ BELOW FOR MORE CURRENT “HIDDEN” NUMBERS * Occult Stock Market Matrix Codes Exposed ” GLOBAL OCCULT/HIDDEN MAGIC RITUAL” By Repeating Their “#6” Inspired (“HEX” Inspired) Magic Spell Words You Unknowingly Add... Continue Reading →
The Definitive List Of Every Popular Crypto Trader on Twitter

The Types of Crypto Twitter Accounts We’ll Be Looking At For this blog post we have trawled through the Twitter-verse and compiled a list of the most popular crypto traders on Twitter who have the biggest amount of followers and... Continue Reading →
How to Fix Your Credit and Stay Out of Financial Debt

So you have fallen on hard times, and you need some help learning how to get out of your failing credit situation. For many Americans, financial trouble is no joke. But for you, there is hope – as long as... Continue Reading →
3ARBS — review about

The 3ARBS platform is positioned as a highly profitable investment project that provides access to arbitrage cryptographic currencies trading. The platform was launched in 2020 by a team of enthusiasts who set a goal to enable a wide audience to... Continue Reading →
Is financial planning part of your daily life?

Individuals, businesses, and families can only benefit by setting clear goals and carefully managing the budget, which can ensure financial health for life. After all, the realization of many of our dreams depends on the power of money. source For... Continue Reading →
PrimeXBT’s Covesting Module: The Most Profitable Way to Social Trade Online [2020]

Trading in 2020 is no longer a rudimentary process of setting up an account on a basic trading platform, and then buying an asset and waiting to sell it at some later point. With the growth in the number of... Continue Reading →