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The difference between Ireland and Estonia is the importation of diversity. The more diversity, the more prison space you need.
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'Is Britain systemically racist against white people?'

'Tell grooming gang victims they have white privilege... We need to stop gaslighting the British people'

An interesting exchange with Suella Braverman, the former Home Secretary of the UK under the last conservative government

Conservative parties in the West exist primarily to stifle the emergence of nationalism

As the anti-White impetus of the left becomes more explicit and undeniable, we can expect conservatives to shift from pretending white people do not exist, to leaning in to a kind of "anti anti-whiteism", as Suella Braverman is here

A diverse society would of course be more stable and tolerable to the historic majority if it was not promoting hatred of that group, and if conservatives ignore it they risk becoming outflanked by populists who will "go there"

This should still be viewed as a kind of containment then, but it is nevertheless a positive development that the centre-right must acknowledge it to stay relevant.

Once discussion of the anti-white agenda becomes normal, it is easier to make a case for a more explicit nationalism, and when this happens, the establishment right cannot make a convincing case for the White erasure they support
Ireland has increased its population by 7.6% since 2020 through mass-immigration. Our government can't replace us fast enough
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One of Trump’s closest campaign operatives says she is re-aligning the Republican party and working to help Trump beat Biden by largely dispensing with the ‘Karens’ and appealing more to people called ‘Jamal’ and ‘Enrique’.
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Trump just survived an assassination attempt at a rally in Pennsylvania
Photo captured the bullet that hit Trump. If he hadn't turned his head just before, he would likely be dead
The Trump shooter is NOT Jewish

This claim has been circulating on the basis of an article from the "Southern Gospel Times"

It is by an author who provides no source for the claim, and who has previously published fake news articles like "Hawk Tuah Girl Hailey Welch Father Harley Vickers Believes Satan Possessed Her During An Interview", which include fake quotes and seemingly AI generated news

The other piece of evidence is a photo of a member of a synagogue in Pittsburgh. In the photo circulating of the Jew it looks similar to Thomas Matthew Crooks, the alleged shooter, though the angle of nose is different

But in a photo taken at the same synagogue, the same person is photo'd facing straight on, and from this angle it seems clear it's a different person

Additionally, Crooks's parents have been named as Matthew and Mary, his uncle is named Mark, and he is named Thomas Matthew. These don't seem like very Jewish names for observant Jews

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✍️💸 My latest essay: While central banks are the focus of much economic analysis, most of the world's wealth exists in the offshore, private banking system.

The "Eurodollar" system quietly supplanted national governments and has shaped the world economy for decades, giving a private banking cartel enormous power over our lives.

Understanding this system helps us understand how international finance capital has grown to be so powerful, and why the US dollar will likely remain as the dominant global reserve currency for a long time.

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Citizen journalist Philip Dwyer arrested while live-streaming in Coolock.


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JUST IN - Trump selects Peter Thiel protégée J.D. Vance as VP pick.

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Riot squad shield bashing Cllr Patrick Quinlan until one of them trips.


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The mishandling of the situation in Coolock by Commissioner Drew Harris has only caused the number of protesters out on the streets this evening to surge.

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Your presidential candidate dodges a bullet to the head, opportunity for world historic moment...

Republican party:
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