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Psychological studies on people requesting sex reassignment surgeries in Iran found that 81% of them had a personality disorder with 57% being clinical narcissists.
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Alex Jones is the most egregious example of controlled opposition disinformation out there.

"The Globalists are scapegoating the Jews by making it seem like they run everything" - this is the best he can come up with at this point 🙄
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It's pretty hilarious that after waking up this morning to me ratioing him on twitter, the prime minister went on some radio program to bitch about being abused online 🤣
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NOW - Biden falls at U.S. Air Force Academy graduation ceremony.

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Footage of gardaí breaking the Ballybrit protest this evening. Locals say they intend to protest tomorrow at 7pm.

Thank you for 50k YouTube subscribers! 🥳

Happens to be 4 years to the day since I hit 1000
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Joe Rogan just retweeted Keith's thread on how Radical Leftists are psychopaths.

Wtf, epic!?
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Keith has chalked up some Ws as of late 💪
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Nationalists have moved the Overton Window so far that our talking points are now being adopted by mainstream conservatives.
Never underestimate what a small number of highly motivated individuals can achieve.
You see article after article like this, where leftists claim the "far right" are taking advantage of frustrated communities. When they have to explain why most people in Ireland agree with the "far right" sentiment that Ireland shouldn't take any more migrants, they always say it's some kind of mistaken outlet for their real concerns which have nothing to do with immigration:

"The people who are drawn to protests in Ireland against asylum seekers and refugees are mostly those who feel powerless and frustrated in their own lives and communities."

Maybe the people drawn to protests against asylum seekers just don't want busloads of economic migrants dropped into their communities? Shouldn't left-wing journalists who present as the voice of the people actually listen to their concerns instead of trying to make them fit into their Marxist assumptions about how working class people think?

It's ironic because later in the article Fintan writes:

"The far right simultaneously degrades and elevates its followers."

Isn't this exactly what left-wing journalists like Fintan do? He presents this idealised version of the working class as class-conscious, plucky, colour-blind folks who who are also so stupid and easily misled that they keep mistakenly blaming their economic problems on asylum seekers and falling for the tricks of the "far right". So much so that 3 in 4 people have now been tricked into holding far right views on immigration!
⚖️🇺🇦 The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) condemned Ukraine to pay 40k EUR in damages for refusing to register the marriage of a same-sex couple.

The verdict, in a case brought to the court by plaintiffs Andrii Maimulakhin and Andrii Markiv in 2014, adds to calls for increased protection for and recognition of LGBTQ rights in the country, whose constitution still describes marriage as between a man and a woman.

The couple's "sexual orientation had been the sole basis for the difference in treatment," the ECHR said.

"(Ukraine's) broadly worded aim of the protection of the traditional family could not in itself be accepted as a valid ground for justifying the denial" of equal rights, it added.

Legalisation is still opposed by conservative parts of Ukrainian society and the church, though President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is currently considering a petition and he could request that parliament draft a law.

Last year, Zelenskiy responded positively to a related petition but said it was not possible to alter the constitution, during wartime.


Interesting YouTube say they're now going to allow "disinformation" about the 2020 election in the interest of free speech. I don't recall them ever rolling back on a censorship policy like this before.

Maybe it's because of Rumble, but more likely its the threat of Twitter deciding to compete with them on long form video content. We will probably look back on 2020/21 as the years online censorship peaked.
Media is too big

Keith Woods does a deep-dive on the foundations of the George Soros agenda. Give this a watch, it’s very important. Keith breaks it all down well. Youtube

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