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It's weird seeing people that were so skeptical about elements of the COVID narrative now unquestioningly accepting the US government telling them it leaked from a Chinese lab as if they would have no reason to lie about that.

The more likely explanation seems to me to be the one Ron Unz has been offering for the last couple of years: that COVID was released by the US Deep State to target the Chinese economy.
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Great Moments in Diplomatic History
According to the Irish Independent, I'm now being monitored by the Gardaí for having a conversation with Nicholas Fuentes. It's not even alleged that I broke a law.

This isn't surprising, since we know now that the security apparatus in Ireland collaborates with far-left extremists, with the state-funded antifa group Far-right Observatory passing names for investigation. Media, the state and the radical left working in lockstep to silence dissent.
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So there is political turmoil in Georgia right now as the Georgian government attempts to pass laws requiring any organization that receives more than 20 percent of its funding from abroad to register as “foreign agents.” Somehow media organisations being forced to disclose their foreign funding would restrict “free speech” and is “anti-democratic.” Truly laughable.

This has angered the Americans and the EU who are going total mask off with their clear intention to control the Georgian political process rather than allowing an organic national conversation to guide its politics.

The “transparency of foreign influence” law passed by Georgia’s parliament on March 7 is “incompatible with EU standards and values,” says EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borell 

Borrell also called on Georgia to uphold its commitment to the promotion of democracy, the rule of law and human rights, and the right for people to peacefully protest.

So now an attempt at a Euromaiden style coup is occuring in Georgia to prevent this bill from simply creating transparency about foreign influence over their media, whilst their pro-Western President Salome Zurabishvili just so happens to be visiting the US. Incredible stuff. "Democracy, the rule of law and human rights" appear to basically mean allowing your country to be subverted by foreigners who want to turn it into a Ukraine-style warzone for the sake of their geopolitical chessmatch with Moscow.
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In one of the greatest attacks on free speech to date, Arktos, the world’s foremost publisher of New Right and traditionalist literature in the English language, was suddenly de-platformed by the world’s largest book distribution monopoly, resulting in over 430 publications becoming unavailable to the public.
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Media is too big
Which Irish political faction are the wealthy elite, regime media and Gardaí working with? Who are the real opposition? You decide!
"Good news, the CIA color revolution worked and the government won't require NGOs and media companies to document the millions of dollars we receive from the CIA"

"Hiding political manipulation by the CIA is the cornerstone of free expression, free press because it's fascism to let Georgians decide their own future.

CIA front organization USAID"
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