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York | Saturday 2nd July

After 2 months of tireless community work in Linton, Patriotic Alternative were asked to speak at a demonstration against mass immigration and the Linton asylum centre.

The crowds were large, the noise was deafening and spirits were high. We were joined by local speakers, veterans and political parties.

After making our statement everyone left in good order where we went on to enjoy some of York's culinary offerings before heading home.

Video of the demonstration will be premiered on Tea Time, tomorrow at 7pm GMT.

If you'd like to join us and fight back against the great replacement then get in touch at

If you're in Yorkshire, get in touch via [email protected]
Patriotic Alternative are the fastest growing and most active nationalist group in Britain. This image, created by PA West Midlands, details where we carried out activism and community work throughout May and June.

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Join us tonight at 7pm (UK time) for Episode 49 of Tea Time with Sam & Laura

- PA street demo in York – Watch the premiere of Sam’s speech!
- Plus, was that really Anne Marie Waters holding our megaphone?!

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Forwarded from Steve Laws
I just watched Sam Melia's speech he did in York last Saturday and credit where credit is due. It was probably one of the best nationalist speeches I've heard in a while.
My daughter just held her arms out for me for the first time. Proud mum moment. 🥹
York, St. Helen's Square
Saturday 2nd July

Following months of community work with the locals of Linton-On-Ouse, the site of a new migrant detention centre, PA Yorkshire were invited to speak at an anti-immigration demonstration in York centre.

We're proud to have stood against the open-borders, pro-grooming, ethnic-violence endorsing far-Left in York and we will do so again. Any time, any place.

Watch the demo here! 👇🏻


Email: [email protected]
⬆️ Great morning show. Check it out!
Forwarded from Mike Peinovich
Forwarded from Sam Melia: A Grug's Life
Join us for Episode 90 of Tea Time with Sam & Laura!

Should we Celebrate the Coronation?

King Charles takes the crown this weekend, will we be celebrating? Sam and Laura either go head to head in a bareknuckle, blood and dirt brawl OR have a reasoned debate to reach a conclusion. Watch to find out who wins!



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My Grandma’s favourite YouTuber ^
I am proud of Sam for many reasons (not least for being a brilliant father) but one thing I’ve never mentioned is how proud I am of him for relaunching the protest movement within British nationalism.

It was Sam who, almost two years ago, organised our first flash demo outside Migration Yorkshire following their support of an Afghan resettlement scheme in the city. He was the first person in Patriotic Alternative to give a protest speech, although many more of us have followed. It was his idea to use scaffolding to create a stage. He designed a lot of the banners that we’re now so well known for. He travelled up to Scotland to help them with their first protest, not to mention all around England. He’s helped our Regional Organisers set up their first demos. And he’s always there, reliable, and ready to give a speech when others dare not.

Sam’s initiative has spread to many others, in Patriotic Alternative and beyond, and that’s a great thing. The more people we get on the streets, the better.

We are so lucky to have him 🤍
Somebody just sent me a tweet from the far left saying they've been "carrying out covert surveillance of [Patriotic Alternative's] national and regional events".

Hahaha, you nerds. What did you do? Spy on us while we were cleaning up a local park? 😁

We're not scary people having secret underground meetings. Our events are either open to the public, or they involve us helping local communities, raising awareness about certain issues, or having get togethers. When you say you've been spying on us, you just sound like massive weirdos, not the top secret spy agency you aspire to be. We have nothing to hide.
Oh and let me help you with something else. If a region used to get 5 people to a leafleting session and they're now getting 10 people to a leafleting session, that doesn't mean attendance is down. It means attendance is up. You can be the judge of why that might be.
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