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On Friday the 2nd of June, PA Merseyside activists were out in Liverpool city centre removing over 70 Communist stickers and posters from around the city. Afterwards we went  for some well-deserved food at a nearby pub after doing our part to keep the city clean.

To attend future events email: [email protected]

Get involved and play your part:
Imagine being arrested and charged for telling someone from Bahrain to 'go back to Bahrain'.
Well, that's modern Britain.
The only entertaining part of this case is the person charged is one of the Conservative Party snakes responsible for the mess we are in!
This is what the BBC want for your children.
Stop paying your TV license!
Biden's cabinet clearly shows that Jews are vastly over-represented in the highest echelons of the American State.
At the same time, there is a concerted effort to ensure that white people are removed from positions of power due to 'over-representation'.
This weekend Patriotic Alternative activists in the South West took to Weston Super Mare to protest outside the town’s museum which was hosting a drag queen story hour event.

Despite a small number of counter protestors we enjoyed a positive response from passers by, including some of the taxi drivers who were dropping off the event’s attendees.

Once our demo was completed we moved on to the city centre and directly engaged with the public.

We continued to attract positive feedback from drivers and shoppers with many people cheering, waving and stopping to speak with us.

We finished with a quick banner drop out on the sands in front of the famous pier before retiring to a local pub for refreshments.

This is typical of the activities that Patriotic Alternative South West engages in.

If you would like to get involved with us and play your part then you can email us at [email protected]
Forwarded from Welsh Nationalist (Joe Marsh)
Anti White hatred successfully challenged. Well done mate.
German u17 vs France u17 - a clash of two European titans, yet sadly lacking the Europeans.
Forwarded from Laura Towler
Awful cartoon
Push these companies into dropping the rainbow of degeneracy.
I am putting together a video on OnlyFans which details how little the vast majority of content creators get paid - despite the fact that to earn this money they have to post very revealing images of themselves, essentially leading to a situation where millions of young women are prostituting themselves for what equates to the kind of wage that sweat shop workers earn in the Far East. However, I have gone and misplaced screenshots of several tweets which I had stored that pointed this out and laid bare (no pun intended) how little the girls were being paid. If you have these figures or screenshots of the tweets, can you please send them to me?
EDIT - I now have those facts, and they were even more grim than I remember them being!
The American ruling class is the most anti-white in the world, bar none.

The backlash in foreign markets has been attributed to the decision to cast a Halle Bailey, a black female, as Ariel. The choice of having a black woman portray a white character has sparked widespread condemnation in China, where Disney fanatics and movie critics alike consider it an insult to the spirit of Danish author Hans Christian Andersen’s original mermaid fairy tale.

An editorial panning the movie in China’s Global Times published in May articulated their people’s sentiment, “Many Chinese netizens said that like “Snow White,” the image of the mermaid princess in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales has long been deeply rooted in their hearts, and it takes a leap in imagination to accept the new cast.” Ordinary Chinese commentators on social media platforms like Weibo were far less diplomatic when protesting Disney’s politicization of their movies, choosing to use much more direct racial language.

Disney typically hides black actors when marketing its movies to Chinese audiences in hopes of luring them into theater seats and watch something they don’t want to see. Anti-white Twitter personalities have even shared images of The Little Mermaid’s Imax poster in China, expressing anger that Ariel’s race appears to be deliberately obscured.
Forwarded from Welsh Nationalist (Joe Marsh)
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Update on the situation in Llanelli. Residents have blocked the entrance road to the hotel with rocks to stop coaches getting in.
Forwarded from Joel Davis
Reminder that when Iceland considered banning circumcision 5 years ago, the ADL threatened to use their power to destroy their economy and international reputation as punishment for making their country inhospitable to Jews.
Like a multicultural version of Oliver Twist!
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