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Forwarded from Steve Laws
Channel 4 tries to discredit Patriotic Alternative and yet again ends up failing. All they achieved was giving PA free promotion to mainstream audiences that would most likely have never even heard of them.

You really couldn't make this up. Paraic (I know you're lurking) O'brien basically just did a 7-minute video highlighting the fact that Patriotic Alternative is standing against the invasion and not afraid to take their message to the streets.
Forwarded from Lord WØLFSHIƏLD
My latest short film is finally available to watch here!
This was adapted from a short story featured in The Bizarchives. Find more weird tales of Monsters Magic and Machines from the Bizarchives here!
The Judeo-American state and its vassal states are up in arms because an American spy drone was shot down. Imagine being furious and demanding 'consequences' for a nation that won't allow itself to be spied upon.
The archive of last night's episode of Patriotic Weekly Review with Morgoth can be found on Odysee and BitChute - please support my work on those platforms as they contain a full archive of all my previous videos:
Macron acted undemocratically and has repeatedly spat in the face of the French people - and now they have had enough.
France has a history of revolutions, and it looks like Macron wishes to add another to the history books.
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Police in France are happy to beat white protestors - but where is the outcry from the mainstream media?
I can guarantee if these protestors were black and were waving BLM banners they wouldn’t be treated like this!
Three migrant men took it in turns to rape a woman in Barking town centre.
They have been jailed for a total of 22 years.
But they should never have been here in the first place.
Open borders destroy lives.
Let me guess - it's all the aeroplane's fault!
Forwarded from Striker Unfiltered
Over the target. "White civil rights" is extremism according to genocidal Zionists at the ADL.

The National Justice Party — an organization whose website advocates for "white civil rights" — held its national gathering in Vienna, Ohio, in September

The event, which attracted 350-400 people, was one of the best attended extremist events of the year, according to the ADL.
We Will NOT Be Replaced - Cannock Speech
My speech from the anti-migrant demonstration in Cannock – the biggest demonstration we have held so far! This event was absolutely wonderful and the reception we received from the public was incredible.
If there is filth like this in your local school or children's library, you would be doing the world a favour by withdrawing said books and destroying them.
Forwarded from Clean & Pure Soap
I’m featured today in The Herald one of Scotland’s biggest papers. It is a hit piece designed to damage my business, despite the vast majority of the article making it sound like a company worth supporting.

I could never have afforded this advertising. However, the paper hopes I will lose business, suppliers and markets. I’m confident that my followers here will continue to support Clean & Pure Soap.
Forwarded from Clean & Pure Soap
The left will now be crying that the Herald are supporting Nationalist’s.

I could not have paid for a headline as good as that!
This is not only what liberals call 'normal' and 'healthy', but it is being promoted to millions of children all over the West.
Liberals literally want your children mutilating themselves.
The International Criminal Court is nothing more than a propaganda tool for the Judeo-American State.
When will the ICC be issuing an arrest warrant for Bush, Blair or Obama? Between 500,000 and 1,000,000 Iraqi civilians died thanks to Blair and Bush's lies, but no arrest warrants have been issued .
Also, I wonder when the ICC will be issuing arrest warrants over the seizure of Palestinian land or for use of white phosphorus against Palestinian civilians? The answer to that is NEVER.
Forwarded from Clean & Pure Soap
After the so called hatchet job on me yesterday, I have received many requests for international shipping to be added to the website.

So it’s now available 😊 Also, I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me, either by way of messages, orders and sharing content. We have such a wonderful community and I’m very grateful.
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