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The Erskine demonstration against the housing of 200 fighting age migrant men in the Muthu Glasgow River Hotel went off successfully. Better video of the speeches and of the demo will be out soon!

Erskine Was Never Asked.

On Sunday 5th February 2023, PA Scotland helped the local community of Erskine, Renfrewshire find their courage and voice protest against the housing of 200 fighting-aged migrant men in a hotel in their small town.

This video features excerpts from all the PA speakers on the day.

#ErskineSaysNo and the campaign continues.

To help the PA Scotland team and paly your part email [email protected].
Today, PA activists joined over 150 locals in Erskine to demonstrate against 200 fighting age men being placed in the Mutha Glasgow River hotel.

The smears from the media have already started, with the Daily Record claiming that our side had only 40 people in attendance and the counter protest had over 100 - getting the numbers completely backwards.

The important thing is that we were able to engage with the people of Erskine and give them a platform to air their concerns.

The people of Erskine were out again today to protest against the nearly 200 unvetted migrants being housed in the Muthu Glasgow River Hotel near the Erskine Bridge.

Locals were able to publicly speak in front of fellow residents, voicing their concerns about the safety of their community and the lack of information from local councillors, MPs, and MSPs.

These protests have been going steadily for a month and a half now and will continue to happen until this disastrous plan is scrapped.

Come and join us every Sunday at midday outside the Muthu Glasgow River Hotel in Erskine.


[email protected]
Media is too big
The Communist pro-migrant hotel counter demo was looking a little lost today. #ErskineSaysNo
PA Scotland have been out protesting for two months now with the local community of Erskine against the housing of nearly 200 illegal migrants in the Muthu Glasgow River Hotel.

The passion and perseverance of the people of Erskine is a wonderful thing to behold, and we will be outside that hotel every single Sunday starting at midday until our concerns are listened to, so come on down to show your support.

If you'd like to join PA and get involved in organising events like this throughout the country, email [email protected]

PA Scotland were out supporting the Erskine people as we continue to protest against fighting age, economic migrants moving into the Muthu Glasgow River Hotel.

We at PA will continue to be at these protests because #ErskineSaysNo

Join us and Play Your Part at [email protected]
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