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Forwarded from Jon Herold
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Here is that video compilation from the end of Badlands Daily.

Like I said on the show, anytime you see somebody from the left blaming the right for violence or "dangerous rhetoric," respond to them with this clip.
Forwarded from Be Reasonable Podcast info stream (Chris Paul) (Your Moderator, Chris Paul)
Hey all,

Timing issues made it impossible to do a live show tonight, but I have a great interview in store and it'll be up for everyone later this week.

It'll be a What We Missed you won't want to miss.
No β€œWhat We Missed” tonight. He will be recording an awesome interview which will be posted either Thursday or Friday. Eye of the Storm still on for later. Link for that will be posted before they go live.
Frens! Join me and StormyPatriotJoe tonight at 10:30pm for Eye Of The Storm! A Q show for those who are new to Q as well as those who are already familiar!
πŸ”₯ Starting Soon on Badlands πŸ”₯

The Devolution Power Hour

Jon and Burning Bright from Badlands Media discuss the latest news through the lens of devolution.

Music starts at 10:10 PM EST
Show starts at 10:30 PM EST
No Liberty Den tonight folks! See you tomorrow for Raising a Nation and the Power Hour
Despite the constant negative press....

Badlands Media has had one heck of a November. Thank you to everybody who has tuned in and supported us.
πŸ”₯ Up Next on Badlands πŸ”₯

Eye Of The Storm

Stormy Patriot Joe and Absolute1776 begin dissecting the Q Drops from the start! Along with going over the drops - they will also be covering current events, and how these β€œfuture” events prove the β€œpast”.

Music starts at 10:15 PM EST
Show starts at 10:30 PM EST
πŸ”₯Badlands Daily πŸ”₯

Jon and CannCon dive into News of the day in true Badlands fashion!

Show Starts at 10 AM ET