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Forwarded from Good Lion Films
Media is too big
It’s out. Watch Pervywood Oprah 2 today.
(This is the first 5 minutes of the film… it’s 35 minutes in length)

Synopsis: Explore Pervywood Oprah 2 as we discover more skeletons in her closet that no amount of money or fame could ever hide.
Forwarded from Tommy Robinson News
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Mark White reports from Blackpool as homeless natives tell how they feel they've become "invisible", as authorities prioritise housing hundreds of illegal migrants in hotels while rough sleepers are being left out in the cold.
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Nelly gives his jacket to a young fan who was waiting to meet him after the concert ❤️
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He's got more hair now than he had way back then..... Oh yeah it's not the same guy..! And he sounds different @redpillboy
Forwarded from Insider Paper
NEW: US announces $400 million more military aid for Ukraine - Total US military assistance to Ukraine since President Biden took office in January 2021 now stands at approximately $19.7 billion


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Forwarded from Street Angels Uk
Please help!
We have been bombarded with families contacting us for help!

We posted last night and have not raised much! We really don’t know how we will manage to help so many people.
We cannot do individual posts for all these families it's just too much and too stressful!
We have a disabled lady looking after 6 grandchildren on her own with no food.2 single mothers with 2 children with no food,
just 3 examples, the list goes on and on, and too many to post,
we have never had so many requests at once!
Please donate at least £1 for us to try and accumulate food vouchers. Anything will help at this stage!
The links to donate too are below 👇
Thank you all in advance!
Order now one of the most important documents you’ll ever read in your lifetime, “The Citizens Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare”and purchase extra copies to give to your friends and neighbors for Christmas.
Forwarded from Insider Paper
NEW: China IPhone Factory Workers Take The Money And Leave After Protests


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Forwarded from
NEW - UK "experts", including Sir Patrick Vallance, helped shut down Covid lab leak theory weeks after being told it might be true.

"Investigating a lab leak could harm Chinese research."