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Father ❤️, Influencer, Content Creator, Patriot - Phil's channel is for sharing of truth, speculation, information, disinformation, hypothetical scenarios, and other conjecture that may or may not be accurate in either the past, present, or future.
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IET (and most of WTM) is obsessed with Phil Godlewski:
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it's sad, really
I ordered Pizza at 6:46 Eastern from a local restaurant. I've ordered there many times before.

They said 1 hour for delivery, then added "maybe less". I said okay. I gave them my debit card information. The card was charged. Currently shows pending in my bank account.

It is now 8:42 PM Eastern. Approaching 2 hours. Still no pizza.

I called the restaurant back. It rings and rings and rings. No answer. Website says open till 10PM Eastern.

I kept calling back. The 3rd or 4th time, someone picked up and immediately hung up.

This would be the first time I've ever ordered delivery, paid for it, and it didnt show up.

Has this ever happened to anyone before? I literally cannot believe this.

Trump is launching his own card that is going to fight against the big money corporations that have been stealing our money for decades.

The product is going to be linked with crypto payments and it's going to be totally transparent & decentralized.

1. Monthly "stimulus" checks coming straight to your card.

2. Cash-back on all patriot purchases.

3. Accepted in most major ATM's and everywhere online.

With owning this card, you're supporting all the patriots, the American dream and fighting against the big money corporations that are stealing our money.

This card from the Trump Foundation will definitely make the democrats go crazy!

This has been long awaited and it's finally released, as always, my followers get the chance go buy it first.

If the link below isn't working, please try again in few minutes time. The site is experiencing load issues because of the high traffic it's receiving since launching!
The Phil haters want to talk about Phil.

Phil wants to talk about THIS photo, taken from Hunter Biden's laptop.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the sitting President of the United States.

Although, I have on good authority that "sitting President of Nothing" is more accurate.

Now you know why he was executed in 2019.

Don't ever forget what we're fighting for.
No ads today!

We all need a break from them from time to time.
Forwarded from Shadow of Ezra
How do you introduce evidence legally, with a corrupt DOJ?
The Central Banking system, worldwide, is being extinguished.

The way you received loans in the past, will be no more.

Your money will no longer be stolen from you, via a corrupt, satanic, power-hungry Cabal. We are giving the power of investment back to the people. Not to a few families worldwide.

The 86,000 newly hired "IRS" agents will NOT be used for "IRS" purposes.

They will have a new purpose.
Media is too big
"Every single person on the Earth was born into the middle of a war.
This war is one that cannot typically be seen with the naked eye.
Its existence is not broadcast on the evening news, its reality is not even realized by the vast majority of the population, yet this war has waged on since the very beginning."

We are a species with amnesia, who've long forgotten we're still on a concurrent timeline, being run by the very same entities that have persecuted Jesus for trying to liberate humanity from said persecutors.

Through Satan's minions in Fake News, the educational Field, the Entertainment Industry, Big Tech platforms & many other tools of social influence used to enslave humanity, we've allowed ourselves as a species, to forget a very important fact. THAT war, has NEVER ended.

We've allowed ourselves to become immersed in an environment that not only has absolutely no resemblance & reflection of God & his will, but is also trying to erase it from within us.

Watch the video above.

If you do not believe this has been happening for your entire life, and your parents lives, and their parents lives, and so on, then you are still asleep.
Back in biblical times, humans were known to live over 500 years.

Methuselah, the oldest ever human, lived until 969 years.

What changed? Why don't humans live as long anymore?

You can say "oh, it's the chemicals in our food" or "oh, it's the pharmaceutical industry poisoning us".

Okay, let's say I buy that. But if that's true, why are the "controllers" dying at a young age (70-100 years old) as well? If they are poisoning our world so that we do not live long lives, are they also knowingly poisoning themselves?

How old is #1 on the list above?

How about #4? What about #5?

#7? #8?

How do you know that the reported ages are accurate?

How would you know if [they] are really 300, 400, or 500 years old?

What are [they] suppressing from us that prevent us from living longer, healthier lives?

If [they] control the world, don't you think it would be easy for them to control the narrative surrounding their ages?

Think deeper.

Do massive amounts of research.

The truth will SHOCK you.

"Everything you've ever been told is a lie".

Time to wake up.
Hey all

Just to re-emphasize a sour-topic on my channel advertisements:

First and foremost, I do NOT endorse, support, or allow advertisements for ANY products on my chat channel. Any ads you see there are by bots/spammers, or at the very least, unauthorized advertisers.

The advertisements you see on THIS channel (my announcements channel -- Phil Godlewski 2.0) are placed by either myself, or my Admins. There is a huge difference. Let me explain:

The ads you see for Trump Bucks, Meticore, Trump Tickets, Trump Coins, Trump Cards, etc etc etc (there are more examples, but you get the gist) are indeed "allowed" by me. This means that I have spoken to the owner of the product, to the digital store that they are listing their products on, and in many cases, I have even ordered some of the products to make sure that they do indeed EXIST, and that you are ensured to receive what you are purchasing.

With that said, I do NOT have any ownership in the product lines. I do NOT profit when you purchase them. Exactly 0% of the profits from ANY of these sales go to me.

Before you purchase any of these products (and I have mentioned this dozens of times before), be sure to read each and every "disclaimer" on the product's website. Sometimes the products have a "memoribilia" disclaimer. Sometimes there will be a disclaimer telling you about the expected shipping date. In any event, make sure you do your due dilligence BEFORE you purchase anything.

I have been making sure to extinguish any advertisements on my channel that contain false-claims, or false-endorsements. Last week, an ad was placed on my channel that claimed to be from Mike Lindell. It was not. Also last week, a channel recommendation was placed on my channel, claiming to be from Dr. Zelenko. Similarly, it was not. I issued apologies to those Patriots, and removed the ads. I will do a much better job of mitigating this type of activity in the future.

Regardless, the advertisements on my channel are simply that: advertisements. Some days there will be many (slow, non-intel days). Other days there will be none (like today, as I expect something to happen very soon).

You have to choice to spend money on whatever you want. If you like the products that are advertised here, then buy them. If you don't, or if you think they are misleading and/or disingenuous, then don't buy them.

Any of the complaining regarding these advertisements is not going to change the fact that they will continued to be seen on my channel. The complaining will simply cause distruption in an otherwise very friendly, very supportive private chat room. My Mods have been instructed to stop this trolling regarding the ads.

Guys - at the end of the day, it's my channel. It's my subscriber base. It's my choice. If you really can't stand the advertisements, you can leave the channel. No harm done.

With that said: There is absolutely NOTHING that I ever post that does not have a very, very distinct purpose. Many of you are so consumed with the ads, that you are missing very important things within the ads. They may be in the timestamps. They may be in the verbiage within the ad. Heck, maybe they're even in the website in which the product is advertised?

If you were actually expanding your thinking (which I continously try to educate you how to do), you would have seen a very direct warning about the Maralago raid. And this warning came directly from one of the advertisements.

I know what I'm doing. Please don't get caught up into a false/forced narrative by the haters. They know what I'm doing too, which is why they want the ads to stop. Many of these haters are controlled opposition. Many of them have outted themselves recently. I warned you many months ago that this would be happening. It is now happening.

If you trust me, then trust me. If you don't, then don't.

But there cannot be any inbetween.
The advertisements do NOT take the place of 7k, Philazon, or any other company I promote. I strongly believe that our future economy will revolve around precious metals. Just because you see something labled "Trump Bucks", should NOT replace what I've been teaching you. Use common sense.

Anyway, I hope this helps. Love you all ❤️
Phil Godlewski 2.0 pinned «Hey all Just to re-emphasize a sour-topic on my channel advertisements: First and foremost, I do NOT endorse, support, or allow advertisements for ANY products on my chat channel. Any ads you see there are by bots/spammers, or at the very least, unauthorized…»
Phil Godlewski 2.0 pinned «The advertisements do NOT take the place of 7k, Philazon, or any other company I promote. I strongly believe that our future economy will revolve around precious metals. Just because you see something labled "Trump Bucks", should NOT replace what I've been…»
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