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Forwarded from StormyPatriotJoe ️️️ Channel (Stormy Patriot Joe)
Good question
The revelations of information beginning last night and certain to continue already have the fire ant trail leading to the 388 respondents in the Brunson case.

I have broken that down here in less than 1,500 words - case is set to be reviewed January 6th, 2 years after the framed insurrection.
Democrats and the Fake News are gonna have a very tough time attacking Matt Taibbi, messenger of The Twitter Files tonight.

Taibbi is a contributing editor for far-left Rolling Stone and has written a number of Trump-deranged articles over the last few years.

Elon clearly thought this through and knew to have an anti-Trump journalist deliver the information, knowing he couldn’t be attacked as “biased”.

☝️Same "news media outlet" that just bashed me in their recent article.

You see what they try to do to people, even including Donald Trump?

Don't take the bait.
Looks like we're up to 21 distributions so far (fully complete), one of which being a $3000 donation to Scooby Doo.

I attempted yesterday to pay off a vehicle for the one follower's testimony (she was living in her car while helping her son), but her lending institution "doesn't take wire transfers" 🥴

So we're about halfway there. I won't be able to start any further wires until Monday (wires do not process on the weekends), but I assume we will be fully distributed by Monday or Tuesday at the very latest.

Thank you all (literally, all of you) for enabling me to have the opportunity to help all of these wonderful families. Keri and I could not be more proud and honored to be in this position.

Love you all ♥️