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I'm sorry about the recent spelling mistakes. This is obviously unlike me, but I have not been wearing my prescription glasses as much as I usually do. Contacts are very hard for me to wear.

If I can't see the screen, I can't fix what spellcheck doesn't notice.

No comms in any of the recent mistakes.
Forwarded from General Flynn ️
“Our Biden enterprise has reportedly taken tens of millions of dollars from the Chinese over the course of many years. Much of that money has come from individuals with direct ties to the Chinese intelligence services. Biden’s cabinet is filled with individuals who climbed in bed with Beijing a long time ago and are identified with the idea of the “managed decline” of the United States.”
Media is too big
Captain K says 2000 Mules corroborated his work that he’s been putting out for the last two years. He runs through a number of counties in Arizona that had “excess votes” in the 2020 Election and estimates that President Trump won Arizona by at least 11.5%.

Seth also says Trump’s 2020 victory was enormous and that he probably won as many as 42 states 💥🔥

Show link:
103 Million votes for Trump in 2020

Biden received under 20M

Trump won all 50 states, not 42.

Watch and see.
So, we barely stopped the AZ fraud surrounding Kari Lake's primary.

What makes everyone think we would be able to stop the MUCH more massive, nationwide fraud in the November elections?

What makes everyone think we would be able to stop the MUCH, MUCHHHH more massive, nationwide fraud in the November General Election in 2024?

I appreciate all of the "rah, rah, sish-koom-bah" cheering we have going on because of the recent victories.

But they are primaries. Why would the Deep State expect massive cheating in primaries, when all eyes are on a fixed target (ie, Kari Lake)?

Anyone looking to November of 2022 instead of looking back at how 2020 should be rectified, and Trump re-instated, is really doing our movement a HUGE disservice.

Is it optics? Probably.

SCOTUS. I'll leave everyone with that acronym.
Forwarded from Midnight Rider Channel 🇺🇸 (Karli Bonne)
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Has schlong Covid helped Joe’s hairline?
Who tf is that?

Perhaps the rumors of Joe Biden's death are true..

Eyes on 👀
I'm cleansing my Announcements channel from bots/deleted accounts. You'll see some numbers drop over the next 24 hours.

Fear not. It's by design.
I'm sorry, but that's not the same "Biden" we're been looking at for the past 2 years.

This is a new one.

They think we're stupid. Do you see what The Great Awakening has done for our civilization?

You will never been fooled again.
Forwarded from Lisa Bruntz
Notice the tyrannosaurus Rex hands? Huge disproportionate forehead and tiny hands that can’t possibly go with that body. Ridiculous.
☝️True story. The sheep will believe anything.
It's raining Trump Bucks, hallelujah!

If you told someone a year ago that you can become a millionaire just for being a Patriot and loving your Country they would laugh at your face, but who's laughing now?

The Trump Golden $1000 bill is changing lives, changing history and making America Wealthy Again. America will have more common millionaires than any other country in 2022.

They tried to put Trump Bucks under the rug with the January 6th fiasco but it didn't work for them. People live and trust Donald Trump and their support is paying off to them.

Get your Trump Bucks here, trust your gut and do what's right for you and your loved ones, we all deserve a chance in life 👇

🔴 The first stimulus check is coming for Red Members.

Donald Trump on Fox Business this morning confirmed the first check is coming in September.

Trump explained his plan to save the American economy, he said the Trump Red Card Membership is the only way to stop inflation and stop poverty among Americans.

A lot of you guys messaged me why you can't claim more than 200 Red Cards. To answer that question: The amount is limited and soon the limit will be even lower.

"If Biden can donate billions of dollars to other countries, I can do the same for Americans" - Donald Trump said.

🔴 The US will be the first country to implement this system.

🚨I personally got 190 RED CARDS for me and my family 💳

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I want to set an all-time record in viewers to show that the recent attacks against myself, and my following, have FAILED

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I will have a lot to say.
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Forwarded from Linda Bessey
☝️they're setting up the announcement
Forwarded from GhostEzra
New telescope new Cgi.