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Forwarded from C Felker
I am wondering if it means hacking. George news reported that anonymous, the person, hacked into the Iranian Ali Khamenei’s
⚡️HACKED: Anonymous Brings Down Website of Iranian Supreme Leader

As Iran rages in protest, the hacktivist group has taken down the official website of Ali Khamenei.

Anonymous targeted the page a few hours after it claimed to be in control of more than 300 street surveillance cameras in the country.
Forwarded from Ms. Behavin
Forwarded from StormyPatriotJoe ️️️ Channel (Stormy Patriot Joe)
Ya watching???

DJT keeps trolling with the “Presidential Records Act”
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Something big is going on in China. Allegedly 6,000 flights have been canceled -- or %60 of flights according to the Epoch Times. Major military movements toward Beijing. Rumors coming out of Asia of either house arrest / coup against Xi Jinping OR consolidation of power.

Let's see what happens.

“PLA military vehicles heading to Beijing on Sep 22. Starting from Huanlai County near Beijing & ending in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, entire procession as long as 80 KM. Meanwhile, rumor has it that Xi Jinping was under arrest after CCP seniors removed him as head of PLA”
Forwarded from StormyPatriotJoe ️️️ Channel (Stormy Patriot Joe)
Trump Sharing Q people, Q Memes, Q videos, playing songs either written for the Q movement or sounding exactly like those that were.

Maybe we are ready to “force” something again


President Trump isn't worried about getting prosecuted by Joe Biden's corrupt FBI.

How do we know?
He isn't hiding.
Instead, he's holding another rally tonight to make fun of how stupid they are.

What do you think President Trump left in the Mar-a-Lago safe for the FBI to find? (& ignore)

Hunter Biden's Laptop From Hell contents in visually easily digestible form?

Hillary Clinton's deleted emails printed out in easily digestible form?

Undeniable evidence the 2020 Election was stolen, showing Joe Biden is an illegitimate president?

Still images from Anthony Weiner's Insurance Policy video?

I REALLY wanted to do a, "Friday Night Movie" with a veryEducational Documentary 🧲 on here tonight for everyone since Hollywood is dead, but President Trump's rally takes precedence.

RSBN's pre-rally party link :

ϕ 🧲

Let’s work.
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