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Did all 3. No dice.
Forwarded from Home Stretch - Heads Down XRP not backed by GOLD
It’s waiting for you to close active apps so it can continue
Didnt try that. Trying now.
Didn’t work
I contacted Apple just now. There's nothing wrong, it's just that this particular update takes a very long time for certain Mac devices. My Mac is older (2019), and it's one of those devices. They said to let the update process overnight.

Tomorrow, I'm going to purchase a new Mac.

Really sorry, but we have to delay this Live until the new machine gets here.

Just in from my source:

Some of the classified documents recently found in possession of Joe Biden contain proof of bribes (using US Government favors) to Ukraine for seating Hunter Biden on the board of Burisma, and securing Hunter’s $4M+ salary.

Much more to come on this 😎
Forwarded from Jennifer Barry
You clearly haven’t been part of this chat for long. Phil is a open book (as much as he’s allowed to be barring the current operation he has the privilege of being involved in) The website he is referring to has nothing to do with Locals and was run by someone who he parted ways with back in November… he explained what’s going on with it yesterday. As far as all about making money… he has a passion.. his passion is helping people, he has found opportunities that have help thousands and it just happens that he helped them by growing businesses that he either founded or joined.. he’s used his success to pay it forward… gave away over $35K at Christmas. I don’t fault the guy at all for making a living to support his family and I, for one commend him for using his success the way he is… he doesn’t have to do anything he’s doing.. not one thing. If you can’t see that he’s trying to help people and think he’s just a greedy truther than you have no business being in this chat.. God Bless you…
Ty Jennifer for the extremely kind words above ❤️
Don Jr. hops on board with one of my vendors from Goldquiz 📣

Have an IRA or 401k that's current invested in Wall Street?

Check out the silver & gold-backed rollover options that are currently offered by my partners: 🥈🥇
Forwarded from Alanna Wilgus
I love Phil beyond words, but I wish he would be more understanding of those of us who were late to the game here. Not everyone heard about him right away. That's not our fault.
I can see that he is a kind, caring man, but needs to understand that as he becomes more well known, haters will attack him. Unfortunately, that is the way of our world these days. I hope and pray that changes soon, but in the meantime, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me".
Hi Alanna - I am very much aware that my following grows on a regular basis. I try to cover as much "old information" that I can, while still leaving room for references to the "old stuff" that only my long-time followers will understand. I am always willing to change course, if I feel there's a need to help educate my newer followers.

And yes, I'm totally fine with taking all of the arrows and bullets that come with more and more popularity and exposure. I was aware this would happen, and I was mentally and physically prepared for it.

In the meantime, if you are a new(er) follower, my Rumble channel has 100% of my past Livestreams. In your own time, I suggest watching them and catching up.

At the very bottom of the page, you will see a scroll-thru feature, which you can click "next" to go through over 15 pages of past Livestreams.

The only ones I no longer have access to, are my Facebook Lives, which were deleted (by Facebook, not me) on January 20th, 2021, when my long-time Facebook account was banned from the platform.
Speaking of my Rumble channel, I am very close to approaching 1 million "likes" (formerly known as "Rumbles") on the platform.

This is a momumental accomplishment, as only a small handful of human beings have ever achieved such a thing.

If you can take a moment, please go to, and click any/all or as many of the videos as you can, and find the "Like 👍" button.

If you haven't yet liked the video, the new Like will increase my account total, and should push it over 1M by the end of today.

Thank you all!
What an incredible event, and an incredible moment for Team PSI at the Clay Clark Re-Awaken America Tour in Nashville, TN, this past weekend.

Todd Collins (The ToddFather), Richard Wayne Hansen (7k Founder), Bob Reid (7k Mogul), and Todd's PSI team were honored to present General Michael Flynn with the final coin from 7k Metals "Arizona" series. Gen. Flynn was incredibly appreciative and intrigued by the coin, and also the company.

Not a member yet? Join us! This company is changing the lives of thousands. Let us guide you through the process: 🪙
Tommy Emmanuel Feat. Amanda Shires - Borderline Lyrics