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Mark Finchem:
Door 3 and #FTX money laundering are just the tip of the iceberg. All patriots need to dig deeper. The information is out there.
FYI: Prior to running for elected office, Finchem was in law enforcement for 20+ years.
Anons should dig into the FEC filings of PACs and SuperPACs and find out which ones have received donations from crypto exchanges, their founders, or executives.

I have a feeling that if someone digs into the crypto platform Tether, it will unravel some interesting threads.

What Disney child actor and associate of Epstein was involved in the creation of Tether?
Email Testimony

We just had our floors re-done, the night before they were to finish they said they were going to Need 3 more boxes of the flooring we were putting in. They said they would finish what we had and come back to finish when the flooring came in. These were special order planks and it would take 3 week to get in.

I asked God to multiply the planks we needed to fish the floors. Not only did he provide enough flooring to finish the floors but they had 4 planks left over! The installers were shocked, I said God answers prayers, and he said yes he does.
Thanks be to God, and thank you for your teaching.
Forwarded from John Patriot
I am a real estate investor. I am working on a project that has gone way over budget. Siding was expensive and only found in East Texas over 4 hours away. After hearing about multiplying by God I prayed and gave it over to God. 2 days later my carpenter called me to let me know "by some miracle" there would be just enough Siding to finish the house!
Forwarded from John Patriot
I'm the same guy that prayed over my oven and God healed the electronics several months ago. It's still working!
Forwarded from Laura Barlow
When my ex husband was in the construction business, we were very poor starting up. His truck would break down often. I would go lay hands on it and pray. He would go out, try it again, and it would start and get him wherever he needed to take it. God always got us through it.
Forwarded from Grasshoppah1
After a couple incidences of appliances that started working after prayer, my “seeing is believing” husband is saying we need to open an appliance repair business😆 After all the testimonies on this chat, I’m guessing that makes us all a franchise of Praying Medic. 👍🏻 Whoo hoo Kemosabe!
Forwarded from Michele IronCastle
My husband bought a 2008 Maserati (our youngest is 20 and he’s a 240% VA rated veteran and it’s been a blessing from God as it’s put some pep in his step). It had some weird electrical issues. He changed the battery but there were still some issues and he was concerned that the alternator would have to be replaced.

He was back in Michigan with family for about a month. During that time I made declarations nearly daily that God’s mechanic angels would repair any mechanical and electrical issues and they did. All is well with the car. Thanks Praying Medic for opening my mind to praying for repairs, multiplication . . . God is absolutely good and all we have to do is ask Him.
Forwarded from Deborah Powell
Or, you can listen to what Holy Spirit says and do that. One morning I woke up to a note from my hubby who leaves at 4:00. Keurig not working, no coffee this morning. My first reaction was to say, “Lord, I’m going to need some coffee!” To which He replied, “whack it”. I know, sounds weird but I have listened to Him a long time so, I gave it a Holy whack. Not just a tap but a whack and low and behold it started working. Just a testimony of how to take your concerns to the One who cares for you. Then, listen. He loves His children.
Forwarded from OrangeMan Rad⭐️⭐️⭐️
After seeing all this testimony, I finally have decided to share some of my own.
When I was a young boy back in 1983, I was in a motorcycle accident and shattered my Humorous, among other injuries. My nerves were completely severed and my right arm, hand and fingers rendered motionless. The doctor told my parents that I would require ongoing surgeries and treatment if I ever hoped to regain use of the limb. My uncle Jerry came over on Christmas Eve and prayed over me and rubbed my arm and asked for God’s miraculous healing. I always thought my uncle was a little crazy based on things I had heard my parents say about him in the past so I was kind of like “whatever uncle”. He had always told us he was a disciple of Christ and had a close relationship with Him. We all just figured he was a crazy hippie and never really gave it much credit. Well on New Years morning I woke up and my fingers flinched ever so slightly for the first time since before the accident and I went on to a complete recovery without ever having another surgery. Even after witnessing His greatness, I still went on to deny Christ later on in life as I was lost and trying to walk my own path. Over the course of my life, I’ve had countless people talk to me about Jesus Christ and I eventually answered the knock on my heart. God has blessed me and my family and it all goes to show that He is truly with us, even at our worst.
Just last week I was walking through DIA and we were talking. I told him I was tired of living for others and wanted to live a life that honored Him more than what I was currently doing. I prayed that when He spoke to me that I would not only hear it but listen and asked for a sign. Well I got to my gate and sat down and put my bag down in the chair next to me so no one would sit down next to me. Two minutes later a man in a mask walks up and I’m thinking there’s no way he’s going to ask to sit down. Well, he did and I said “of course”, and we struck up a conversation and I asked why he was going to Albuquerque. He told me he was an ordained minister who preaches the word of God and I was blown away. After we talked, he got up and walked to the boarding person and no sooner than that happened, a Catholic priest comes up and stands right next to me. I was so floored, I was instantly emotional and we talked for a few minutes before we boarded the plane. I looked up and said “thank you Lord Jesus”. I’ve never felt closer to God and I think it just goes to show that He’s always there listening to our prayers and that He loves us without condition. I could go on and on with testimony but felt compelled to share some with you all. Thank you and all glory to God!
If you live in Arizona and experienced problems voting or witnessed election irregularities, please file a complaint using this link.
So far the Arizona counties of Cochise and Mojave have voted to delay certification.

(The report that Gila and Yavapai counties delayed certification appears to be false. There is a Youtube video of the Gila County certification.)
All Counties in Arizona have finished reporting results. Abe Hamadeh finished 510 votes behind his opponent, but the Attorney General's race qualified for an automatic recount.
Listener Testimony

Several months ago (I apologize for not reporting sooner), you replied to my email request and prayed for my brother Roger, who was diagnosed last January with a glioblastoma in the front right of his brain. Docs told him 8% chance of survival – and that for only 5 years at the most. They told him he would never be cancer-free. Glios are pretty much a death sentence with most dying within the first year of two. Well, Roger is cancer free. Only dead cancer cells when they opened his brain again to remove some “suspicious tissue” in the area of the glio. Dead. Cancer. Cells. Nothing more. He is cancer-free and docs are mystified. He does still need prayer for his motor skills on his left side, since when surgeons first went into his brain, some damage was done. He needs the use of his left side back (arm, hand, leg, etc) bc he is left handed and makes violin bows for a living. Thank you for your prayers!