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Study estimates that the earliest admixture date between West European Hunter-Gatherers and Ancient North Eurasians was 16,000 years ago. This led to the formation of the East European Hunter-Gatherer population.

Approximately 50% of Americans (correctly) believe that racial equality will not be achieved in their lifetime.

It's a start but we need to convince them that racial equality is a biological impossibility, period.
Honesty, Intelligence, and Race (2023):

"Research shows that honesty correlates positively with intelligence. Similarly, there are racial differences in honesty, with Europeans being more honest than various other ethnic groups."

"We replicate prior findings that honesty correlated with measures of intelligence and that Blacks and Hispanics are less honest than Whites, and this holds whether honesty is measured by self-reports, interviewer-reports or by parent-reports."

"race differences in honesty remained between Blacks and Whites but not between Whites and Hispanics after controlling for intelligence."

Proportions of West Eurasian ("Caucasoid") and East Eurasian ("Mongoloid") ancestry in various modern populations across Eurasia.

The admixture analysis is only K=2, so the results are not entirely accurate for Indians, Micronesians, and Southeast Asians, who have additional "Australo-Melanesian" related ancestry.

Source: Genetic Landscape of Eurasia and “Admixture” in Uyghurs (2009)
Europeans have the most sexually dimorphic faces (more masculine men, more feminine women), Africans the least:

"People of European origin and South Americans showed a higher level of sexual dimorphism in facial shape compared to people of African origin."

"All European countries revealed larger differences between male and female average faces than in all the other populations."

"The possible explanation of lower sexual dimorphism in Africa may be either relaxed selection pressure favoring morphological femininity of female faces or masculinity of male faces, alternatively due to positive selection for more feminine faces in males, or the masculinization of faces in females."

Source: How and why patterns of sexual dimorphism in human faces vary across the world (2021)
Average grip strength by race and ethnicity.

Compare Indian and Pakistan men to Polish women in the second figure.

Source: Prognostic value of grip strength: findings from the Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) study (2015)
Increase in the percentage of children born to unmarried or divorced/widowed parents from 1976 to 2018:

White +8%
Hispanic +12%
Black +18%
"Race is only skin deep!"
Genetic ancestry and sex can be predicted with great accuracy via brain scans:

"In this work we predicted genetic ancestry from rs-fMRI connectivity data at very high performance (area under the ROC curve of 0.93). Thereby, we demonstrated that genetic ancestry is encoded in the functional connectivity pattern of the brain at rest. [...] Subjects’ sex could also be predicted at very high accuracy with mean AUC of 0.98 (and standard deviation of

Source: Evidence for Bias of Genetic Ancestry in Resting State Functional MRI (2018)
"Roughly 70% of the variation in the wealth of nations can be explained by IQ alone."

Source: National IQ is the Best Predictor of Economic Growth (2022)
Debunking the claim that "ethnostates will lead to incest and inbreeding depression (autosomal recessive disorders)."

1. Inbreeding depression only becomes a problem with second cousin marriages and more closely related incest. Such marriages are practically nonexistent in the West and Whites are the least inbred race on earth.

2. The probability of autosomal recessive disorders is ~0% for third and fourth cousin marriages, which are the most fertile and relatively common in the West because friends are as closely related to one another as fourth cousins, on average.

3. Miscegenation causes outbreeding depression in the same way that inbreeding causes autosomal recessive disorders: It creates novel gene variants that are more likely to be harmful because they have not been filtered by natural selection. Miscegenation also changes environmental adaptations for the worse, e.g. darkening skin pigmentation in northern climates.
Conservation biologists predicted that the probability of outbreeding depression increases when two populations exhibit at least one of the following characteristics:

1. Are distinct species
2. Have fixed chromosomal differences
3. Have exchanged no genes for 500 years
4. Inhabit different environments

Human races easily qualify for #3 and #4. Discounting recent admixture post-globalization, most human races were separated for thousands or even tens of thousands of years.
New study on miscegenation:

Whites who racemix are fatter, less honest, more promiscuous, lower IQ, and of lower socioeconomic status.

Blacks and Hispanics who racemix have higher IQ, higher GFP, and are of higher socioeconomic status; racemixing Hispanics are also taller.

Racemixers of all races are more likely to engage in a range of risky behaviors (drug use, promiscuity, etc.).
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