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Forwarded from KanekoaTheGreat
Judge Bruce Reinhart publicly denigrated President Trump on his Facebook account on January 14, 2017:

"I generally ignore the President-elect's tweets, but not this one. John Lewis arguably has done more to "make America great" than any living citizen... Thank you, Robert Reich, for saying what many of us feel, 'John Lewis is the conscience of America. Donald Trump doesn’t have the moral stature to kiss John Lewis’s feet.'"


Forwarded from Qtah
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Next move in the playbook: come after the Trump SUPPORTERS and further declare them extremists. Fake news media is declaring war on Patriots for criticizing the FBI raid. Be very careful what you say, don’t give them reasons to knock down your door!
Forwarded from Tracy Beanz (Tracy Beanz)
BREAKING: Brendan Lyons, Managing Editor of the Times Union out of Albany, NY has filed a letter motion to unseal the warrant and related documents in the Trump Raid . The judge has asked the government to respond to the motion by 8/15.

Forwarded from Disclose.tv
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NOW - AG Garland personally approved the Trump raid.

Forwarded from Disclose.tv
NEW - Trump on Thursday night declared “Release the documents now!” in response to the Justice Department’s request to unseal the search warrant that led to a raid at his Florida estate Monday.


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