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This is not another 4 year election….
"DRAIN THE SWAMP" does not simply refer to removal of those corrupt in DC….
This is proof your vote counts, overwhelm the system of cheaters, show the criminal syndicate who holds the real power.
Now you know why they want us divided
We are stronger together, stronger as one, stronger united
We the people hold the power and the establishment is panicking.
Panic in DC
In regards to the midterm being cancelled, the [DS] is panicking, they know if they lose the midterms it is game over for them. This doesn’t mean we don’t vote, we vote like we have never voted before, united as one and in mass we bring on the red wave. They know this is coming.

Lets take a look at the [DS] and what they done in the past

911 was used to get us into the middle east (Afghanistan), violated our rights with the patriot act
[FF] Mass shooting is used to confiscate weapons from the people
The Pandemic was used to control the people, push the vaccine, cheat in election to remove trump
Riots were used in 2020 to defund the police, create chaos
Jan 6 fake insurrection was used to stall the vote count and coverup the real insurrection on Nov 3
New covid variant, monkeypox, blue states declaring medical emergency, push for masks, same playbook as before, push vaccines, setup for riots, and cheat in the elections

The question is what is the [DS] going to do during the midterms, the [DS] is desperate. Will they create riots, terrorism, national emergency to cancel the elections so there is no red wave?
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A must watch:

Senator Cruz takes FBI Director Wray to task for the FBI's entrapment scheme in the botched "kidnapping scheme" of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

And Wray's admission that the FBI supervisor in charge of that scheme now runs the DC FBI field office.
Right On Schedule
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JUST IN - HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra declares #monkeypox a public health emergency in the United States.


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Congratulations Kari!!! Onward and upward!
Forwarded from Jordan Sather
Mike Lindell says "anyone promoting the claims that I'm giving $40 Million to this foundation is committing fraud"

Someone promoting those claims is Phil Godlewski

Good work exposing the grifters and manipulators, @DSchlopes